14 August, 2012

brilliancy Translation

A translation of Juka’s “brilliancy” from his EP “Luxurious”. It was also included on his best-of album “Seventh Sense”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Juka and his label Sherow Artist Society.










青白い肌 寂しい笑顔で今夜も
都会の街に 綺麗な華打ち上げるのよ
Aojiroi hada Samishii egao de kon'ya mo
Tokai no machi ni Kirei na hana tachiageru no yo
Tonight, in the streets of the city,
A beautiful flower with pale skin and a lovely smile will bloom.


苦いアルコールに 酔ってしまいそう
ネオンの幻想へ 溺れてしまいそう
Nigai alcohol ni Yotteshimai sou
Neon no gensou he Oboreteshimai sou
In bitter alcohol, I become completely intoxicated
And I feel like I drown in neon illusions.


輝き取り戻して その宝石のように
出会えた奇跡と貴女 信じていたいから
Kagayaki torimodoshite Sono jewel1 no you ni
Deaeta kiseki to kimi2 Shinjiteitai kara
Take back the brilliancy that is like a jewel,
Because I want to believe in the miracle that brought us together, and in you.


Furui album no yasashii egao ha doko?
Futari sugoshita hibi mo... omoide... ni kawatte shimatta no?
Where is that gentle smile in our old album?
The days we spent together... are they just... memories now?


甘い誘惑に 溶けてしまえたら
ネオンの幻想へ 溺れてしまえたら…
Amai yuuwaku ni Toketeshimaetara
Neon no gensou he Oboreteshimaetara
If I can be melted by sweet temptation,
If I can drown in the neon illusions...


輝き失わずに この宝石のように
出会ってからの軌跡 信じていたいから
Kagayaki ushinawazu ni Kono jewel no you ni
Deatte kara no kiseki Shinjiteitai kara
I won't lose this jewel-like brilliance,
Because I want to believe in the miracle that brought us together.


もう少しだけ 綺麗になるわ
もう少し待って 笑顔になるわ
Mou sukoshi dake Kirei ni naru wa
Mou sukoshi matte Egao ni naru wa
For just awhile longer, I'll be beautiful.
Wait just a bit longer for that smile.

1. “Houseki” (“jewel”) is written, but Juka sings the English word.
2. “Anata” (polite “you”) is written, but Juka sings “kimi” (familiar “you”).


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