07 January, 2008

Translation Requests

I will take requests for Japanese song translation. :D

There are some conditions:
- You or I must be able to find kanji lyrics. Without kanji, it's a bit difficult.
- No time limit constraints. I'm a busy college student, so unless there is a pressing need for your translation to be done by a certain deadline (you need it for a project, performance, etc.) you'll just need to be patient.
- I need to be able to hear it. If it's not in my music library, you'll have to supply me with a link where I can watch a PV or just listen.
- Translation is done when it's done. I may not go in order of request.

But, other than those little rules, please request away right here in this journal. :)

I'll try to do the ones that have been sitting here for a year or more... I'm sorry I'm so terrible at them aslkdghadslkfj. But aside from that, I will need to close requests until I'm further along on the 300+ songs I have from bands I'm already committed to working on.


Emmeline said...

Hi! I want to bother you with a lyric :B Lareine's Kyokutou No Koibito :D
here's the song, so you can listen it C:
And here's the kanji C:
風に乗せた憂いの吐息で 愛に生きたまま連れ去りたい
震えながら手綱を戻して 引いて弾いて奏でてゆく







If you can translate it, please C: If you can't, or if you don't like it, can I bother you with Versailles' Glowing Butterfly?
Thanks :D

Hana 羽奈 said...

Noted and being worked on, both "Kyokutou no Koibito" and "Glowing Butterfly". Thank you for your assistance in getting the kanji! (・ω・)/ I will get these up asap.

Emmeline D. said...

Hi! I'll bother you again :D can you translate Matenrou Opera's Twilight Parade, please? Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

I recently requested this on your LiveJournal account, but I'm not sure if you're taking requests from there anymore.
If I remember correctly, you ordered a copy of Rock and Read issue 031 a little while back. If you do actually have it, could you please please please translate Yuki's interview? I know next to nothing about Yuki, and I'd love to learn a little bit about him.
I've been searching for days for this interview, and the only thing people have seemed to post are pictures..
It would be very lovely of you if you could translate it~

Katy Aretxabaleta said...

Hello.. I am writing to you as I am subscribed to *DiruSubs* on youtube and I was referred to you for a possible translation. Back in December 2011, I had attended a Dir en grey concert and I had the VIP meet and greet. At that time, and now, they have a site posted *Scream For the Truth* where they are seeking the Truth from the government regarding the radiation levels and of the current situation in Japan. They were asking people to send in photographs and artworks for an album they were creating to show the support of people around the world. I had wanted to contribute, thus I had written some poems and haiku inspired by the Tsunami and earthquake disasters and what the people must be thinking and feeling at this moment. I wanted to try to find someone who could translate these poems and haiku into Japanese for the members of the Band, to put into a Journal, and to post on the website in both English and Japanese in order to show my support to Japan, yet to no avail. I ended up waiting till the very last moment to put them into the Journal, in hopes that I would find someone to translate them. It never happened, and I had to give it to them in English only. I have not yet posted them to their website, yet I created a *Scream for the Truth* support folder in my Deviantart online Art Gallery and posted them all my Gallery to show support and also linked them to it. Yet they do not speak English, I want nothing more than for them to be able to read and understand, that I understand and support them in this endeavor and that my heart goes out to them in this moment. I would like to post these poems and haiku to my Gallery along with the English posts as well. There are two haiku, and 5 or 6 poems, they are not very long, yet one or two may be a bit longer. Dirusubs suggested that I could contact you and make a request for a translation of these. If there is any way that you could, or would be willing to help me with this, it would appreciated more than you could ever know. If you cannot, then I totally understand, and I would not hold it against you. It is my Birthday in April and I am seeing a performance of them in April again, it's possible I will have the VIP again.. and I would love nothing more than to be able to present it to them again, yet this time in both Japanese and English, to post on both mine and their sites. I am an artist thus I do understand about giving proper credits where credits are due and you would be given full and proper credits for the translations, for every site and in the Journal as well. I would link back to wherever it is you would like the credit to link back to, and would write it within the Journal. I can be reached at Please, either way, could you reply and let me know, yes or no, either way.. so that I know what it is that I am needing to do still yet. Thank you ever so much for your time and consideration. It is appreciated so very much.. ~Katy

Rai-chan said...

Requesting for~

Title: everlasting note
Artist: G.Addict
Available Video:


No future will be come unless our voices go
Only we can change this world are you ready to dance?
here we go


愛すべき明日はキミと僕らが選ぶんだ the only you and us
searching for a brand new world

僕らの歌よ響き渡れたったひとつの everlasting note


we can trust ourselves indeed
we'll making a brand new world

何もかも変えられる音を届けるんだ everlasting note

are you ready to dance?
we can be the only one listen up our note making the world
take a deep breath one and two and you will be feeling part of us


僕らなりの歌で変わっていく記憶と共に never changing note

僕らの歌よ響き渡れたったひとつの everlasting note

Anonymous said...

Do you still take requests? Could I be cheeky and ask for Matenrou Opera's 21mg if you get a chance. Thanks!

[let me fly]
なんでこんなに気を張ってんだろう? 見張ってんだろ?
自由って言葉に囚われすぎて 全然自由じゃない
さあ 手を開いて 常識の渦 グルグルまわして 捕まえて

疲れ果てた顔を ため息の中へと沈めて
目を閉じ 自分を許す もう眠っていいよね

ただ毎日が通り過ぎて いくのを必死に追いかけてた

僕は 生きて 生きて 今を 見てる
都合のいいこと なんて全然起こらない
朝がきたら 服を着て 靴履いて ドア開けるだけ
何もない毎日が 何もない毎日が
ただ過ぎて ただ過ぎて ただ過ぎて ただ過ぎて ただ過ぎて

欲しいものはそれなりに 手に入れてはきたけれど

誰かの為にって 誰かを愛し生きるのが
まだ僕にはわからないよ わからないよ わからないよ
誰が僕を覚えてるの 誰が僕を覚えてるの
忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないで

考えるっていうことができるのは なんて残酷で
2つとない 僕のこと 愛せるのは僕でいいじゃない

今僕が消えたとしても 少しも世界は変わらない
小さな小さなこの命で 楽しんだって世界は変わらない

僕は 生きて 生きて 今を 見てる
都合のいいこと なんて全然起こらない
朝がきたら 服を着て 靴履いて ドア開けるだけ
それでいい 僕は生きて 僕は生きて 僕は生きて
僕は生きて 僕は生きて 僕は生きて 僕は生きて 僕は生きて

[let me fly]
なんでこんなに気を張ってんだろう? 見張ってんだろ?
自由って言葉に囚われすぎて 全然自由じゃない
さあ 手を開いて 常識の渦 グルグルまわして
今存在してんのは 何億分の一じゃない 僕はひとつ 1人なんだ

Anonymous said...

hello~ could you please translate Infineit by DIAURA? I dont have the kanji but I have the romanized lyrics:

Rinkaku ga aimai de umaku byousha dekizu hizumu shikisai no naka
Kasaneau kuchibiru ni hakanai omoi wo tsunagari da
Douka shiawase datta
Kimi no na no naka ni mou boku no sugata wa nai no
Tsumiageta kioku sae hakanaku kaze ni kieta

Kimi ni deaere yokatta
Tsuyogaru kotoba sae moji ni dekinai boku wo
Kioku no umi ni shizumete kono mama mesamenai you ni
Sekai no kate de boku wa kimi wo omou
Subete ne kimi wo moreruyouni

Negai wo kometa hoshisora, kimi no seizai wo sagashiteita

Ima saishi de saigono yakusoku wo
Anata dake wo aishi tszukeru
Arifureta shiawase no to atesa o kono mune ni kizande
Moshimo tokei no hari o modoseru nara ano hi kimi wo hanasazu ni
Meguri meguru kisetsu ni mou ichi do
Sono koe wo kikasete hoshii

Mounani mo kataranai
Garasu no kimi e
Kono mayoi tachi kieru tsuyosa wo boku ni kudasai

Ima saishi de saigono yakusoku wo
Anata dake wo aishi tszukeru
Arifureta shiawase no to atesa o kono mune ni kizande
Moshimo tokei no hari o modoseru nara ano hi kimi wo hanasazu ni
Meguri meguru kisetsu ni mou ichi do
Sono koe wo kikasete hoshii

and here's the vid:

kurz said...

Hello, sorry to bother you... I know you are very busy but, would you consider translating Matenrou Opera - Orb?
Here's the lyric


小さな寝息をたてて 大きすぎるベッドに包まれて
幸せが今ここにあるように いつまでもあなたが眠れる場所でいるよ

時間を越えて寄り添いたい 雪のように 雪のようにありたい
この子に会いたい 産まれてきたその声を その声を聞きたい

生きようって思う 生きてって思う 私はそれが全てで
眠った頬に すがるようなキスをした

時間を越えて寄り添いたい 雪のように 雪のようにありたい
この子に会いたい 産まれてきたその声を その声を聞きたい


窓の雪は 影になって 部屋の壁をつたい落ちる
同じように雪を見るかな 同じように守る人を見つけるかな

時間を越えて寄り添いたい 雪のように 雪のようにありたい
この子に会いたい 産まれてきたその声を その声を聞きたい

あなたに出会えて あなただから
愛されて 愛されて 愛されて 愛されて 私は笑い生きている
愛すべきものを 守るべきものを
抱きしめて 抱きしめて 抱きしめて 抱きしめて 全ての不安を遠ざけて
希望だらけの世界を 渡そう

Thank you very much...

Kight said...

Hello..I would like to request Kaya's "Traumerei " for an English translation please <-- Lyrics

kurz said...

Hello, first of all I want to thank you for translating Matenrou Opera's songs. You did a great job. ^^
And then... I have a request... would you consider translating both of Matenrou Opera's songs in their new single "Tonari ni Suwaru Taiyou?"
The lyric for Tonari ni Suwaru Taiyou can be find in this link >>
While the lyric for Main Cast wa Kangaeru can be find in this link >>
Thank you very much for considering my request. Please take your time, since not an urgent matter... ^^
Have a nice day..

Unknown said...

Hello, I actually buy the Lillie Charlotte books and made some scans.
I begin to make a layout with english translations find here :

The work in progress in my web site :

I need to translate the lyrics too and I would like to know if I can use your translations, with credits marks ont he pages (I'll put your web site adress on the pic and a link on my page too - I do that for the Bonjour Honey Site where I found the story in english)

I hope you'll read my message and answer it.

thant you for your work, it's very usefull to understand all theses songs.


You can contact me with this mail :

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your site and all the translations on it! It saves me the time of self-translating songs myself. Although, this site has inspired me to do my own song translations for songs that don't have any (that I can find). As a fellow fan of most of the bands on here, I must say a great and hearty thank you! It's too bad that life got in the way of your translations, but hey, you have left us with many to savor. I hope you are doing well right now.

Bashiek said...

Hello! I came across your site years ago chasing Monochrome Factor. Thanks very much for all you have done for that manga! I wanted to ask when requests will be open again (if you have the time of course!). Please take care of yourself.

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