29 April, 2014

Azalea Translation

A translation of Jupiter’s “Azalea” from their single “LAST MOMENT”. In hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, azalea itself stands for “self-control”, while different colours also reflect different degrees of love, from “joyful” to “burning”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without my permission. All rights belong to Jupiter and their label Universal Music Japan.





Last Moment





噫 赦されぬ罪と認めながら
盲 背徳の壁を壊せぬなら
見下げ果てた 闇へと零落
Aa Yurusarenu tsumi to mitomenagara
Sore demo mada kegare wo aganai mo dekizu
Mou1 Haitoku no kabe wo kowasenu nara
Misagehateta Yami he to reiraku
Ah, I accept these unforgivable sins,
But I am still unable to redeem myself of this impurity.
If the wall of corruption can no longer be broken,
I'll fall into the despicable darkness.


幾星霜 艶やかな蝶が
Ikuseisou Adeyaka na chou ga
Ataeta no ha kizu yori mo yorokobi no azalea2
Dou ka wasurenai de afuredashita doukoku ha
Mahoroba ni tayutau honoo
For many many months, what the glossy butterflies gave to me were
Azalea that were more gratifying than my wounds.
Please don't forget the overflowing lamentation,
The flames of my emotion that flickered through that splendid place.


夢幻の華 此処に咲き誇れ
嘗ての箱庭へ もう迷う事なく
Yumemaboroshi no hana Koko ni sakihokore
Tatoe oroka da to Sagesumasarete mo
Katsute no hakoniwa he Mou mayou koto naku
Ai yo yomigaere
Flowers of fantasy, bloom in riot here.
Even if I could ignore my own stupidity,
Never again will I wander into that miniature garden.
Oh my love, revive.


奏 理性を脱ぎ捨て堕ちていけば
Sou3 Risei wo nugisute ochiteikeba
Kinjirareta utsutsu he
Oh, if I tear away my reason and fall
Into the forbidden reality,


錯乱に散った この夜に溶ける
身躰の 蕾 闇に照らされ・・・
Sakuran ni chitta Kono yoru ni tokeru
Shinku4 no Tsubomi Yami ni terasare...
I'll scatter in the derangement and melt into this night.
A crimson flower bud shines in the darkness...


夢幻の華 此処に咲き狂え
辿り着いたなら この夜に舞おうか
恐れを引き裂いて もう惑いの果てに
Yumemaboroshi no hana Koko ni sakikurue
Tadoritsuita nara Kono yoru ni maou ka
Osore wo hikisaite Mou madoi no hate ni
Ai yo yomigaere
Flowers of fantasy, bloom madly here.
If I finally manage to reach it, won't you dance in the night with me?
Already in the end of the illusion, I'll tear up the fears.
Oh my love, revive.

1. This kanji may be read “mou”, and while it means “blindness”, I’ve deduced that it is being used just for its phonetics and not for meaning, as it cannot be used in the rest of the line.
2. “Tsutsuji” (“azalea”) is written in kanji, but Zin sings the English word.
3. This kanji may be read “sou”, and it means “to play”. I believe again it is being used phonetically.
4. “Shintai” (“body”) is written, but Zin sings “shinku”. Since the kanji compound cannot be read this way, I’ve decided to translate it to “deep red”, the most common use for the word.


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