20 May, 2012

ダチュラ Translation

A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “Dachura” from their single “Last Scene”. The title is the name of a plant with frightening and deadly properties. According to my research, datura intoxication can a complete inability to differentiate reality from fantasy (delirium, not a hallucination), hyperthermia, tachycardia (increased heart-rate), bizarre, and possibly violent behavior, severe mydriasis (pupil dilation) with resultant painful photophobia that can last several days, and toxicity enough to kill you if you take a large enough dose. This is a drug that apparently even hard drug takers shy away from due to the effects. The lyrics are from the point of view of someone who takes this drug, his thoughts and his delusions as he sits intoxicated by it.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label Sherow Artist Society.





Last Scene






喉を撫で肺に流れて 指先まで拡って
Nodo wo nade hai ni nagarete Yubisaki made hirotte
Torotoro ni torokedashita amai amai yuuwaku
This sweet, sweet temptation melts drowsily, and
It runs down my throat into my lungs, spreading through to my fingertips.


止まらない 止まる気もない 頭の中加速して
Tomaranai Tomaru ki mo nai Atama no naka kasoku shite
Mienai basho made tobitai
It won't stop. It doesn't seem like it will stop. It rushes through my head.
I want to fly until I reach a place I can't see.


Tsukamareta shinzou ga ikiteru tte kizukaseta
Karada ga yureru gurai ni kodou kanjite
I realised that the heart I held so tightly was alive,
And I feel its palpitations shake my body.


音が飛び 光が飛び 言葉を忘れ
Oto ga tobi Hikari ga tobi Kotoba wo wasure
Umaretate no jiyuu wo karadajuu de sakenda
The sound flies, the light flies, and I forget words.
The freedom that was born screams throughout my entire body.

「頭を持ち上げ叩き割れ 血管の壁引き剥がせ
吐き出してもっと もっと
"Atama wo mochiagetatakiware Kekkan no kabe hikihagase
Hakidashite motto Motto
Sensai na sekai ga mietara sugu ni te wo hanase
Mou owattenda shitai ga
Ima ha kairaku ni chire."
"It grasps my head and smashes it to bits, and it tears my veins open,
And I vomit, more and more...
When I can see the delicate world, I immediately let everything go.
This body that's already died
Is now rent by pleasure."


温かな声が聞きたい 温かな肌に触れたい
温かな笑顔が見たい 温かな笑顔でいたい
Atataka na koe ga kikitai Atataka na hada ni furetai
Atataka na egao ga mitai Atataka na egao de itai
I want to hear a warm voice. I want to touch warm skin.
I want to see a warm smile. I want a warm smile.


温かな声を聞かせて 温かな笑顔を見せて
誰のでもいい 温もりをくれ
Atataka na koe wo kikasete Atataka na egao wo misete
Dare no de mo ii Nukumori wo kure
I hear a warm voice, I see a warm smile.
It doesn't matter who you are, please just give me some warmth.


「這いつくばって掻き回せ お前の素敵な記憶を
そう フラッシュバックしてやり直してみよう
もう 終わってんだ死体が
今は快楽に 快楽へ」
"Haitsukubatte kakimawase Omae no suteki na kioku wo
Sou Flashback shite yarinaoshite miyou
Mietara sugu ni te wo hanase
Mou Owattenda shitai ga
Ima ha kairaku Kairaku he."
"Crawl along and churn up your wonderful memories.
Yes, let's flash back and see if we can do it all over again.
When I can see the delicate world, I immediately let everything go.
This body that's already died
Is now going to pleasure, towards pleasure..."


緩やかに 温かに 拡がって
指先が溶けて 皮膚が燃えて 境界は消えた
光を取り込み 光を取り込み 世界を感じて
何も変わらないよ 僕が消えても
Yuruyaka ni Atataka ni hirogatte
Yubisaki ga tokete Hifu ga moete Kyoukai ha kieta
Hikari wo torikomi Hikari wo torikomi Sekai wo kanjite
Nani mo kawaranai yo Boku ga kiete mo
It spreads out, so calm, so warm.
My fingertips melt, my skin burns, and all my boundaries disappear.
I grab for the light, I hold that light, and feel how the world
Wouldn't change a bit, even if I were to disappear.


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