24 May, 2012

Bite To All Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “Bite To All” from their single “Cassis”.This is yet another song of theirs raging against those trying to control what direction they choose to go with their music.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.










使いっ走りのmoney making joker
用がなくなりゃtrash boxに
突っ込まれてさ pig of hell on earth ha ha
利用されて捨てられた SMH
Tokedashita chocolate no you sa
Tsukaibbashiri no money making joker
You ga nakunarya trash box ni
Tsukkomarete sa pig of hell on earth ha ha
Riyou sarete suterareta SMH
Anta ha ore ni mukatte kou itta
"Seizei hikari mo shinee diamond mo migai toki na"
Scrap ride loser ga hoete yagaru ze
The money making joker runs a message
To a trash box that's become without a purpose,
Just like melted chocolate,
And thrusts it in. pig of hell on earth ha ha
The SMH you used and then threw away
You point at me and say
"It's time to polish the diamond that won't shine."
That's the cry of a scrap ride loser.


$1 Bite to hips. royal dog !
$2 Flatter or Die ? which are you ?
$3 This Life is gamble
$4 Bet you on dice of the R&R


badguy気取ったbulldog man
white frag高々かざす
Can you still play if fanged ?
badguy kidotta bulldog man
boots mo hakazu ni odotteiru
cox matai de cute yori ha
Anta ni ha socchi ga oniai da ze
white frag takadaka kazasu
Sore ha emblem ka? Nihil cool
Mou owari ka ura no master?
Can you still play if fanged?
The badguy suspected the bulldog man,
Dancing without even putting on his boots.
It's that you're absolutely suited to it,
Not that you're so cute you're pushing coxness.
You hold a white frag high over your head,
Is that nihilistic cool an emblem?
Is it over yet, backstage master?
Can you still play if fanged?


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