14 April, 2015

Black Bird Translation

Black Bird





Ushinau koto wo osoreru yo no otonatachi ga kizukiageru mirai
Akumu no scenario ni torawareteyuku
Fearing loss, the adults of this world build up a future
And are caught in a scenario of nightmares.


destroy destroyer
pacifist death the weak move and die
神を崇め捧げよう    命燃え尽きても
destroy destroyer
pacifist death the weak move and die
Kami wo agamesasageyou Inochi Moetsukite mo
destroy destroyer
pacifist death the weak move and die
Respect and sacrifice to God, until your life burns out.


この腐敗した世界で    黒い翼広げて
迸る躰を    脆い翼に委ね
生きることの意味さえ    無くしたまま…
Kono fuhai shita sekai de Kuroi tsubasa hirogete
"Kimi no omou ga mama ni izaneba ii" to...
Hotobashiru karada wo Moroi tsubasa ni yudane
Ikiru koto no imi sae Naku shita mama...
In this decaying world, I spread my black wings.
"Tempt me to your heart's content..."
I trust my swelling body to my fragile wings.
Even the meaning of living is lost...


何故血は流れるのか    道徳は廃れゆき    操られていた
Jidai wo moteasondeyuku Moumoku na dokusaisha
Naze chi ga nagareru no ka Doutoku ha sutareyuki Ayatsurareteita
The blind dictators toy with the eras.
Why is blood flowing...? Morals die out, and are manipulated.


destroy destroyer

pacifist death...


民を統治し挑げよう    戦終わらせる為
Tami wo touji shi kakageyou1 Ikusa owaraseru tame
Let's challenge the rule of the nations to end this war!


この腐敗した世界で    黒い翼広げて
破滅への光を浴び    黒い雨に打ち消れ
Kono fuhai shita sekai de Kuroi tsubasa hirogete
"Subete nozomi doori ni nareba ii" to...
Hametsu he no hikari wo abi Kuroi ame ni uchikesare
Hi no hikari todoku you ni inori...
In this rotting world, I spread my black wings wide,
Saying, "Let it all be according to your wishes..."
Bathed in the light falling on destruction, I'm drowned out by black rain.
I pray that the light of the sun will reach...


微かな希望    保てるのだろうか...
Yagate otozureru? "wahei" to iu hikari de
Kasuka na kibou tamoteru no darou ka...
Can the faint dreams last
In the light called "peace" that finally arrives...?


翼を休めず    地獄絵図に足は浸けず
遙かな野望    奏でつづけていよう
Tsubasa wo yasumezu Chi2 ni ashi ha tsukezu
Haruka na yabou Kanadetsuzukete iyou
Without resting my wings, without dipping my feet into hell,
Let's continue to play out the faraway treachery.

1. The kanji used for this is really for “idomu” (“to challenge”). “Kakageru” means “to hoist” or “to fan the flame”. They can be used similarly, but I decided to just use the meaning for “idomu”. 
2. “Jigokuezu” (“painting of hell”) is written, but Shaura sings “chi” (“earth”). The kanji for “chi” is part of the compound for “jigokuezu”.

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