11 October, 2012

初恋は永遠に Translation

A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “Hatsukoi ha Eien ni” from their single “Gloria”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label Sherow Artist Society/Bellwood Records.










最後に僕から君へ たったひとつの贈り物
胸いっぱいの気持ちを 頭いっぱいの記憶を
どうかその手で その目で触れて
君が落としたものの大きさに 気づいてほしい
Saigo ni boku kara kimi he Tatta hitotsu no okurimono
Ki ni ittekureru nante omottenai kedo
Mune ippai no kimochi wo Atama ippai no kioku wo
Dou ka sono te de Sono me de furete
Kimi ga otoshita mono no okisa ni Kizuite hoshii
I've just one last gift to give to you.
Though I don't think you had much interest in me,
My heart is full of feelings, and my head is full of memories.
Please, touch me with that hand, and with those eyes.
I want to understand the importance of the things you lost.


きっと僕の初恋は君だっていうことぐらい 君は気づいていたんだよね?
精一杯の背伸びで 君を守れたような気になってた 僕を笑って
Kitto boku no hatsukoi ha kimi datte iu koto gurai Kimi ha kizuiteita n
da yo ne?
Seippai no senobi de Kimi wo mamoreta you na ki ni natteta Boku wo waratte
Surely you at least realised that you were my first love, right?
I smile while I stand as high on my toes as I could, fretting over you as if
I'm protecting you.


Here is my heart
It's full of love for you, you see?
Feel it with your fingers
The warmth stays on your hands


Here is my head
It's full of memories of you
See it in your mind's eye
Too late to cry over me


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