13 February, 2010

crystal scherzo - Announcement #2

Okay, well, since #1 was a fail, here's something real.

I have a class ending in two weeks. This means I must concentrate. Concentrate! So, no scanslations will be done until March.

Also, if I keep updating Monochrome Factor at this rate, then I will run out of Japanese chapters so everyone will just have to wait anyway. I think I'll limit it to one chapter every month or two, so that we're not having huge long breaks of 5+ months until the next tankouban comes out.

The reason I say "no more scans" and then post about three song translations a week is because song translations are easy and a quick break from studying, plus a recap on Japanese. I need this, often.

So, please hold on another month or so. Then scanslation will resume.


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