20 March, 2011


A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “もう一人の花嫁” (“Mou Hitori no Hanayome”) from their major debut mini-album “Abyss”. This is my favourite track from the release. I apologize that I decided to take a gender-neutral approach for translating it, but… that’s something that as a translator, I’m allowed to do.

(When the girl in the PV smiles, I think she looks a lot like my friend who just got engaged. I’m glad her story isn’t like this. (: )

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label, Sherow Artist Society/Belwood Records.









Masshiro na kagayaki ga fui ni yugande mieta
Konna kimochi de mo mada namida ha nagareru no
I could see the pure-white radiance suddenly become warped.
Even these feelings pour out as my tears.


終わったの こんな形で
幸せが この会場を包んでる
笑えるわ こんなに不幸な私が
Owatta no Konna katachi de
Shiawase ga Kono kaijou wo tsutsunderu
Waeru wa Konna ni fukou na watashi ga
Chikai no kiss wo mitsumeteiru
This is the end... it's ended like this.
Happiness envelops this hall.
Even though I'm so unhappy, I can smile,
Watching them take the oath kiss.





まっとうな人生 いわゆる「普通」を 生きるんじゃないの?私は
Mattou na jinsei iwayuru "futsuu" wo ikiru n ja nai no? Watashi ha
Am I not living what they call a “normal” life?


祝福の拍手が今 2人を輝かせていく
恋人と呼んでいたあの人が 笑ってる
Shukufuku no hakushu ga ima futari wo kagayaseteyuku
Koibito to yondeita ano hito ga waratteru
The applause of blessing will now light up the two of them.
That person, who I loved so much, is smiling.





あの言葉 あの家も あの場所も
全部私の記憶なのに あなたがいない
Ano kotoba Ano ie mo Ano basho mo
Zenbu watashi no kioku na no ni Anata ga inai
Those words, that house, that place...
Though they're all my memories, you aren't here.


昨日までの私が 泣いてる 泣いてる でももう
忘れさせて下さい あの人が憎いことも
Kinou made no watashi ga Naiteru Naiteru Demo mou
Wasuresasete kudasai Ano hito ga nikui koto mo
I cried and cried until yesterday, but now,
Please let me forget it all, even that "wonderful" person.





その場所は私がいた 本当は私がいた場所
何よりも大切に想ってた それなのに
祝福の拍手が今 2人を輝かせていく
恋人と呼んでいたあの人が 幸せそうに笑ってる
Sono basho ha watashi ga ita Honto ha watashi ga ita basho
Nani yori mo taisetsu ni omotteta Sore na no ni
Shukufuku no hakushu ga ima Futari wo kagayakaseteyuku
Koibito to yondeita ano hito ga Shiawasesou ni waratteru
I am there in that place, I'm really there,
Even though I loved them more than anything.
The applause of blessing will now light up the two of them.
That person, who I loved so much, seems truly happy.


You are my memories...........





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