09 January, 2012

菫 Translation

A translation of “Sumire” from the GazettE’s EP “Madara”. The title of the song means “Violets”, and in the language of flowers in Japan, the flower represents honesty. This is probably referencing the protagnist’s agony over facing the truth of his love interest.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.










置き手紙に記した ごめんねの意味に戸惑う
Okitegami ni shirushita Gomenne no imi ni tomadou
The meaning of the apology written in your letter confuses me.


電話のベルが痛い 内容はきっとアレだろう
ただ真実に逃げてるだけ 臆病だね解ってるさ
君を想い気が付いたら 走り出してた
Denwa no bell ga itai Naiyou ha kitto are darou
Tada shinjitsu ni nigeteru dake Okubyou da ne wakatteru sa
Kimi wo omoi ki ga tsuitara Hashiridashiteta
The ring of the phone is painful. Surely, what I'll hear is that.
I'm just trying to escape the truth, though I know that it's cowardice to do so.
When I realise I'm thinking of you, I start to run away.


楽しかった日々は今も 胸の中で生きてます
やり直せる君とだから 歩き始めたアノ頃のように...
Tanoshikatta hibi ha ima mo Mune no naka de ikitemasu
Yarinaoseru kimi to dakara Arukihajimeta ano koro no you ni...
Those days we enjoyed are still alive in my heart, even now,
So I start to walk, as if to redo that time I spent with you…


降りしきる雨 君に向かう程に冷たい
Furishikiru ame Kimi ni mukau hodo ni tsumetai
In the incessant rain, it's so cold I have no choice but to face you.


反応の無い「殻」 無言がただ痛い
Me no mae ni ha iki wo hikitotta kimi
Hannou no nai "kara" mugon ga tada itai
Before me is you, who's passed away.
I'm just a "shell" with no reaction, hurting in the silence.


Kimi no egao, kimi no namida, kimi no negao, kimi no koe, kimi no karada,
kimi no boku, kimi ni mou aenai
Your smiling face, your tears, your sleeping face, your voice, your body...
I'm yours, and I can't see you again.


楽しかった日々はずっと 胸の奥で生きるから
君は僕の記憶の中で 明るい笑顔見せて
Tanoshikatta hibi ha zutto Mune no oku de ikiru kara
Kimi ha boku no kioku no naka de Akarui egao misete
Because the days we enjoyed are still alive deep inside my heart,
You are in my memories, showing me your bright smile.


夢の中で逢う君は 相変わらず泣き虫で
このままずっとこの夢が覚めないように そっと願った
Yume no naka de au kimi ha Aikawarazu nakimushi de
Kono mama zutto kono yume ga samenai you ni Sotto negatta
The you I meet in my dreams is a crybaby, just as you always were.
I've quietly hoped that I don't have to wake up from this dream.


消えないように そっと願った
消えないように そっと願った...
Kienai you ni Sotto negatta
Kienai you ni Sotto negatta...
So that you won't disappear, I've quietly hoped.
So that you won't disappear, I've quietly prayed...


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