03 September, 2011

痴情 Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “Chijou” from their new single “REMEMBER THE URGE”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the Gazette and their label PS Company/Sony Music Japan.









Ja ha hana wo name ansoku nejikomu
Toiki no kazu mo wasurenai de ne?
Tasting the flowers, the vipre thrusts into their repose.
Don't forget even how many breaths you took.


逸らさぬその目 狂気這わせて笑う
愛するが故 只 其れだけの事
Sorasanu sono me  Kyouki hawasete warau
Aisuru ga yue Tada Sore dake no koto
Those eyes never turn away as I crawl after you, laughing madly.
The reason I do is because I love you just that much.


I want to monopolize you
Lump of the envy
I want to monopolize you
Forever unchanging


何度 肌重ねても貴男が滲む所為
この痴情は深く もう戻れぬ
Nando hada kasanete mo Anata ga nijimu sei
Kono chijou ha fukaku Mou modorenu
No matter how many times our skin touches, the reason you melt
Is because this blind passion is so deep we can never go back.


Shimeageta te ga toiki de nureteru
Wazuka ni kanjita myaku wo kazoewasure
The tied hands are wet with sighs,
And I forget to count how many pulses I weakly felt.


Kami wo naderu you na sabita kaori ga
Yuetsukan to motsureru
I stroke through your hair, and your rusty scent
Twists me in a sense of superiority.


何度 肌重ねても貴男が滲む所為
深紅散らし 狂わせて
Nando hada kasanete mo Anata ga nijimu sei
Shinku chirashi Kuruwasete
You melt no matter how many times our skin touches,
And we go mad in the scarlet that scatters about.


Chijou no hate ni kaita "futari" ha
Sou... kodoku ja nai to waraikaketeru you de
The "two of us" that are drawn out in the end of the blind passion,
Yes... we laugh because we're not alone.

Kokoro odoru
My heart skips.


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