05 August, 2012

届かない思い Translation

A translation of Juka’s “Todokanai Omoi”, which was first on the single “Suimenka” and then included on his best-of album “Seventh Sense”. This song is an acoustic/piano version of “Jewel ~Todokanai Omoi~”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Juika and his label Sherow Artist Society.










叶わぬと見抜いても   離れられなくて
Kazarareta ai?
Kawanu to minuite mo, hanarerarenakute
Orokasa wo wakatte mo
We adorned ourselves with passion…?
Though my wish is never granted, and I see right through you, I won't let you go,
Even though I understand how foolish it is.


銀色の空    視界過ぎ     地面へと着き    溶けて消えるjewel
いっそ   このまま堕ちてしまえたら   2人になれる
Giniro no sora shikaisugi jimen e to tsuki, tokete kieru jewel
"Isso kono mama ochiteshimaetara, futari ni nareru."
Over my field of vision is a silvered sky, and where it touches the earth,
a jewel melts away.
"If we fall like this, I will grow accustomed to us being apart."


愛して   愛されるほど   哀しみが募るの
愛されて  愛する程   哀しみばかり募るの
Aishite, aisareru hodo, kanashimi ga tsunoru no
Aisarete, ai suru hodo, kanashimi bakari tsunoru no
I love you, I love you so much it worsens my sadness.
I love you, I love you so much that your sadness does nothing but become


Sorezore no asu wo mukaerarenai unmei...
Every morning, I face the fate I cannot accept…

灰色の景色   灰色の地へと堕ち   紅く解けるjewel
いっそ   このまま堕ちてしまえたら   2人になれる
Haiiro no sora haiiro no chi e to ochi akaku tokeru jewel
Isso kono mama ochiteshimaetara, futari ni nareru
The ashen landscape falls to the ashen earth, and a crimson jewel breaks.
If we fall like this, I will grow accustomed to us being apart.


愛しすぎたjewelだから   悲しみが募るよ
愛されすぎたjewelだから   悲しみばかり募るよ
Aishisugita kimi dakara, Kanashimi ga tsunoru yo
Aisaresugita kimi dakara, kanashimi bakari tsunoru yo
Because I loved you too much, my sadness becomes worse.
Because you were loved too much, your sadness does nothing but become worse.


砕け散ってjewelを拾い集め   紅く冷たく濡れた亡骸を抱き締めて
Kudakechitte jewel wo hiroiatsume Akaku tsumetaku nureta nakigara wo dakishimete
Giniro no sora ni inori wo sasagete
I will pick up the smashed jewel, embracing its wet, cold, crimson remains
And offer a prayer to the silver sky.


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