20 August, 2012

水面華 Translation

A translation of Juka’s “Suimenka” from his single of the same name. The track was also included on the Sherow Artist Society x Undercode Productions collaboration omnibus “CROSS GATE”.

There is no actual flower called “suimenka” in Japanese, but I believe the description probably refers to the lotus flower, which floats on the water’s surface. The title also refers to a later part in the song when Juka describes the image of the person to whom he’s singing reflected on the water.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Juka and his label Sherow Artist Society.










地平線の先    遥か遠い場所
風に誘われ    旅に出よう
Chiheisen no saki Haruka tooi basho
Kaze ni sasoware Tabi ni deyou
At the edge of the horizon is a far, faraway place,
And I set out for it, drawn by the wind.


今日はお日様も    笑ってくれているし風に任せて
Kyou ha ohisama mo Warattekureteiru shi kaze ni makasete
Today, the sun leaves the wind to deliver its smile to me.


まだ見ぬ君の姿だけ    想い描きながら泳ぐのさ
微かに感じる気配を    楽しみながら泳ごう
Mada minu kimi no sugata dake Omoiegakinagara oyogu no sa
Kasuka ni kanjiru kehai wo Tanoshiminagara oyogou
I swim, thinking only of your form which I still can't see.
I swim, enjoying how I only faintly feel the worry.


振り向かず    振り返らず    手を伸ばしても 必ず
Furimukazu Furikaerazu Te wo nobashite mo Kanarazu
Kao kakusu
Kimi ha naze sonna ni kawaii n darou
Surely, even if I held out my hand to you, you would, without looking at me, without answering,
Hide your face from me
I wonder why I find you so cute even when you do that.


やっと出逢えたのに    その仕草はないよ
連れ去らず    すぐに帰してあげるのに…
Yatto deaeta no ni Sono shigusa ha nai yo
Tsuresarazu Sugu ni kaeshiteageru no ni...
Even though I met you by chance, I don't act like it,
And, even though I can't take you with me, soon, I have to go home...


水面に漂う君さえ    風と共に姿を消した
微かに残した気配は    感じながら帰ろう
Minamo ni tadayou kimi sae Kaze to tomo ni sugata wo keshita
Kasuka ni nokoshita kehai ha Kanjinagara kaerou
The wind erases even your form that floats upon the water's surface,
And while enjoying feeling the faint worry left in me,


I turn to go home.


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