1. Can I host your scans/translations somewhere else?
    For text translations (such as song or drama translations), I ask that you credit me somewhere in your entry. Do not steal my translations, and do not use them without crediting me! If you think I won’t recognize them, or that no one else will recognize them, you’re sadly mistaken. (I have been contacted several times by people who recognised my translations/romanization style/something.) Also, if it’s possible, please link back to this site so that it’s all that much easier for other people to find it.
    For manga scanslations, I ask that you e-mail first and ask. Given permission, I then ask that you don’t alter the scans or the credit page and that you do include the credit page when you upload. The group put a lot of work into these scans and we’d like to get the credit for it, as I’m sure you can understand. :)

2. How can I learn about the current status of each project?
    Manga/Anime: Unfortunately, due to the rest of the group leaving or going MIA, I have had to stop doing those, as filling all roles was tiring, time-consuming, and difficult. All our releases are still available for download. However, I will not be picking them back up. I apologise to all fans who came to rely on us. I hope that you enjoyed what I was able to complete for you.
    Song/Text: Aside from periodic announcements made on the site, you can also follow either the blog's twitter, crystalscherzo, or my personal twitter for this work, cryscherzo_hana. I will usually update my personal one with more detailed information of what I am working on.

3. Can I retranslate your scanslations/translations?
    For song translations, you don't have to ask me, but you do need to credit me somewhere in your entry, and I would love it if you'd let me see your work!
    For manga scanslations, contact me and ask first. Do not contact us asking for our raw, cleaned scans for you to use for your own project. That will not be done.

4. Is there a waiting/grace period after each release?
    As soon as you see it posted here, you may feel free to host it elsewhere so long as you do as requested in #1.

5. When will the next chapter of ____ / translation of ____ be out?
    If you ask this, you will be ignored and/or your comment will be deleted. Just don’t ask. It will come when it will come. As mentioned above, there will be no further manga/anime scanslations released. Please do not ask.
    I'm trying now (in 2015) to do three translations a week and keep that schedule as steady as possible; however, due to work/life/general things sometimes they'll be delayed. Just be patient please!
Should you want to keep tabs, you can use the resources mentioned in #2.

6. Can I request a manga scanslation / song translation?
    There are no further manga scanslations to be done, so please do not request any.
    For song translation, you may request away on the request post, making sure you follow the rules cited there. I may or may not get around to it, depending on my own interests, but I am happy to do what I can. If you are asking for a song translation that you’ve watched on a video/tv/etc., please try and find a link to it to share with me so I can easily access it.

7. Your translation is wrong!
    I’m sorry. I am not a native Japanese speaker. I do the best I can with the translations, knowing that changing languages will lose some of the context of the words. Please understand that I try to get as much meaning as possible from Japanese into English while still making the text make sense in English.
    Also realize that translation is something that is subject to personal interpretation. I may translate a verb form slightly differently than someone else based on my experience with the Japanese language, the English language, the music, the band, the manga, etc. I ask that you try to respect that.
    I am still studying and learning, and will be all my life. I will never claim to be an amazing translator. I will only claim that I do my best, and that I truly love doing it.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me, and I will try to get back to you. :)


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