07 August, 2012

sara Translation

A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “sara” from their mini-album “Gilia”. “Sara” could be a woman’s name, or – interestingly, I found – it can also be a conjugated form of the verb “saru”, which means “to leave, to pass away”. There is also the sound “sarasara”, which is a soft, gentle sound effect, which would fit the quiet and gentler sound of this song.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label Sherow Artist Society.










足下を見つめ 歩いてる僕は
白い風の中 白い息を吐き
白い太陽を 頭上に浮かべて
色彩なくした 落ち葉の上を歩く
Ashimoto wo mitsume Aruiteru boku ha
Shiroi kaze no naka Shiroi iki wo haki
Shiroi taiyou wo Zujou ni ukabete
Shikisai nakushita Ochiba no ue wo aruku
I'm walking, looking down at my feet,
And in the white wind, I let out a white breath.
The white sun hangs far over my head
As I walk over the colourless fallen leaves.


遠くに聞こえた 響く鳥の声
凍てつき始めた 空気の中で
時は止まってる 記憶が始まる
時が止まってる 心を広げないで
Tooku ni kikoeta Hibiku tori no koe
Itetsukihajimeta Kuuki no naka de
Toki ha tomatteru Kioku ga hajimaru
Toki ga tomatteru Kokoro wo hirogenai de
I can hear the faraway, echoing calls of birds,
And in this atmosphere, I begin to grow cold.
Time has stopped, and memories begin.
Time has stopped, but my heart won't open


Kimi ha inai
Because you aren't here.


Fusaida mabuta ni yuki ga ochite
Namida ni nagaretekieteyuku
Boku no kokoro ni tsumoru yuki yo
Oto ha tomi
Hikari kegarenai
Anata no koto dake wo omotteru
Snow falls onto my closed eyelids
And disappear into the tears that fall.
Snow piles up inside my heart,
Stopping all sound,
Dirtying all light,
But I can think only of you.


Kodou ga tashika ni ikizuiteru
Miageta sora ha amari ni tookute
Boku no karada ha chiisaku kiesou de
Daisuki na kimi no koto wo
Anata no koto dake wo omotteru
My heartbeat is gasping.
The sky I look up at is so far away.
My body seems to disappear a little bit
As I think only of you,
You, who I loved so much.


目が覚めて もう一度
もう一度 涙を拭った
Me ga samete Mou ichido
Mou ichido Namida wo nugutta
Anata ga inai asa
Nando shireba ii no darou
I open my eyes once more,
And again, wipe away my tears.
A morning in which you aren't here...
How many of them will I know?


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