31 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Announcement #1

For those waiting for the new chapters of Number and Monochrome Factor:

At current, I'm busy working full-time. School re-starts on Monday, and I may have a temporary translation job through mid-January. Therefore, please don't expect any updates until around February.

On the other hand, I just received my copy of Monochrome Factor vol. 08, which catches me up with almost all the current released chapters (I'm missing maybe one in Japanese). I'm planning on doing quick chapter overviews in my little spare time for anyone interested in just seeing what's going on, most detail spared.

So, keep checking back for those. :)

26 December, 2009

Names in “Number”

Today’s random blog-post topic is something I had been thinking about as I started going through and scanslating Number.

I noticed that a lot of the characters in Number have floral or fruit names. Anzu = apricot, Zakuro = pomegranate, Edelweiss is a tiny German flower, Sakura = cherry blossom, Kuchinashi – gardenia. Ageha and Tamamushi have insect names – an ageha is a swallowtail butterfly and a tamamushi is a jewel-beetle.

Interesting, no?

Not only that but Toneriko’s last name is “Furoribanda”. “Furori” = Flori? Maybe?

(EDIT: In Japanese "banda" means "many branches". So, "many branches of flora", maybe.)

I had a hard time figuring out “Toneriko” and I was actually about to give up when I randomly put “tone” into my handheld electronic dictionary just to see what came up, and lo and behold! “Toneriko” means “ash tree” in Japanese. Another plant. :)

To be honest I’ve no idea what Tekirai and Aralagi’s names mean. But if it’s Aralagi… who cares. XD

(EDIT: An Araragi is also a butterfly.)

But Tekirai’s could be interesting. I tried to piece some kanji together for it and came up with:

嫡雷 Descendant of Thunder
敵来 Future Enemy
擢雷 Surpasses Thunder

Any would be fitting.

Names usually have significance in manga stories (at least in the ones I read, har har), so that’s why I thought of it.

Randomness over. Back to relaxing before school starts again. :/

24 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Number, Guilt 07

In time for Christmas, Number Guilt 07 - Flower Burial has been finished. :)

Click on "Number" under crystal scherzo for the download.

Merry/Happy Christmas, everyone!

15 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Monochrome Factor Vol. 7 Extras

"Naze? Naze? Neeze!! - Athletics with Everyone!" short manga.

Up for grabs under "Monochrome Factor". Enjoy, everyone~!

07 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Monochrome Factor Vol. 6 Extras

"The Sorano Group Workplace Manga" and "Free Talk - Nanaya Version". :)

Up for download under Monochrome Factor. Have fun!

06 December, 2009

MF Chapter 46 Summary

It's not a very detailed summary, because I'm just quickly reading through it (I have finals this week ;A; ) but it's something, right? ;D

Here you go!

The chapter starts out with Lulu asking to talk with Shiki. He refuses, saying he has no reason to speak to a backstabber. Lulu asks what he thinks of Homurabi, and Shiki responds saying it doesn't matter what he thinks - the contract calls for complete obedience, nothing more. Aya says that he says that, but he doesn't agree with it at all. Lulu tries to reason with him, but he rejects her, saying that both she and Sawaki are going against the terms of the contract. Lulu disagrees, saying that her contract was with the "old" Homurabi; so, it is her duty to bring him back. She then allows Aya and Kengo to give Shiki his 100 strikes.

In the meantime, Kou (FINALLY) reenters the series, having reached the back entrance to the Royal Palace. Upon entering, he encounters Sawaki, who asks if Kou was the one to lead everyone there. With this, Kou realizes that no one else has reached the palace, and says he wouldn't lead them into a trap. After some teasing, Sawaki asks why Kou came to the Shadow World when he's in such bad condition. Kou replies that Shirogane doesn't need his help to succeed. He then deflects the question, asking if Sawaki thinks he can be forgive because, though he's stubborn and moody, he had a good reputation with the kings. "Only Ryuuko and I know what you did". Then Kou says, because if Sawaki were merely to die, Kou would be unable to forgive him, so instead he will kill Sawaki. Sawaki says that he will kill Kou so he can gain peace.

The scene then cuts back to the hospital, where the nurse from before enters Master's room to take his temperature. Shisui is sitting at the window, and the nurse is revealed to be one of his "children", Arisa. Arisa tells Shisui that bad things have been happening since Shirogane and the others crossed to the Shadow World. Arisa admits that she's been wondering if Homurabi really wants to destroy the world, and that if he is just appearing to want that on the surface, what his true intentions would be. Shisui reminds her that even people he has known for a long time try to hide things from him. He says that Shirogane, from the beginning, always tried to hide his emotions, which makes Shisui worry. Ryuuko apparently was always straightforward and honest, so Shisui didn't worry about him. He also says that he drove Homurabi into a corner with his powers, and he grieves that because he is unable to go, he is now stuck where he is.

Back in the Shadow World, Nanaya, Akira, and Shirogane have arrived at the Royal Palace. Homurabi goes to meet them.

What do you guys think? Looks like the epicness is finally picking up! I'm excited to watch Kou and Sawaki go at each other!

03 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Number, Guilt 06

crystal scherzo, my solo scanslation project, makes its first release: Guilt (chapter) 06 of Number, by Kawori Tsubaki.

Translation, image editing, and all that other jazz done entirely by me, but I must thank nocturneu of LiveJournal for acting as my scanner.

Since I'm acting completely solo, I can't promise it's amazing quality, but I did do my very best and I'm very proud of it.

You can read the chapter at MangaFox, or if you wish to download it, click on the "crystal scherzo" link on the sidebar and then go through "Number". :)

Hope you guys enjoy it~!

28 October, 2009


To be honest, this is one of my favourites from Versailles. Powerful, with beautiful orchestral work and an absolutely amazing guitar solo. The lyrics, too, are awesome.


… I don’t have much to say. I just like listening to it. :D


Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Versailles and its label Sherow Artist Society.








陰る雲の中 抱かれ目覚めた
Nido to modosenai modorenai kono yumi ha
Kageru kumo no naka Dakare mezameta
This bow cannot be put back again, cannot be returned
In the darkening clouds, I awakened and embraced you


Aishiai hikiyoseatte
Kizukazu hajiku sadame
We love one another, pulling ourselves together
Without showing how we play our fate.


Hito wa minna, hakobune wo yurashi somuku tsumibito
Saa! Sono te de kodoku wo yakikeshitekure
People are all disobedient sinners that infringe on the  shaking ark
Yes, with that hand, burn away the loneliness.



革命は美しく 燃え上がるセレナーデ
危険なほどに紅く 強く激しく燃えて
Kakumei ha utsukushiku Moeagaru SERENADE
Tsumi na kubisuji ni kamitsuiteageru
Kiken na hodo ni akaku Tsuyoku hageshiku moete
Tsumi to minikusa wo suidashite ageru
Revolution is beautiful, a serenade bursting into flames
I’ll bite into the nape of your sinful neck.
So crimson it's dangerous, strongly and violently it burns.
I will drink up the sin and ugliness.


立ち籠める霧 黒い海へ
人は漕ぎ出し 神は沈めた
Tachikomeru kiri Kuroi umi he
Hito wa kogidashi Kami ha shizumeta
Mist hovers over you towards a black sea -
People begin rowing, and God sinks.


もう許せない これも罰なのか?
Ah... hahanaru bara yo, oshietekure
Mou yurusenai? Kore mo batsu na no ka?
Ah... my mother rose, tell me;
Am I already forsaken? Is this also a punishment?



Watashi ha hakobune wo watasu toki no tabibito
Towa to tomo ni kodoku wo tsukasadoru mono
I am a traveller from the time of the ark,
A person commanding solitude through eternity.


革命は美しく 燃え上がるセレナーデ
孤独を焼き殺して! 強く激しく燃えて
Kakumei ha utsukushiku Moeagaru SERENADE
Tsumi na kubisuji ni kamitsuite ageru
Kodoku wo yakikoroshite! Tsuyoku hageshiku moete
Tsumi to minikusa wo suidashiteyarou
Revolution is beautiful, a serenade that bursts into flames
I’ll bite into the nape of your sinful neck.
Loneliness burning you to death! Burn stronger, more violently!
Sin and impurity... shall I draw it out?


Watashi ha hakobune wo orita tsumi na tabibito
Sou... towa no tsumibito
I am a sinful traveller that descended from the ark.
Yes... eternally a sinner.


革命は美しく 燃え上がるセレナーデ
危険なほどに熱く 強く激しく抱いて
Kakumei ha utsukushiku moeagaru SERENADE
Tsumi na kubisuji ni kamitsuite ageru
Kiken na hodo ni atsuku tsuyoku hageshiku daite
Tsumi to minikusa wo suidashiteageru
Revolution is beautiful, a serenade that bursts into flames
I’ll bite into the nape of your sinful neck.
So feverish it's dangerous -  hold it to you, strongly, violently.
I will drink your sin and ugliness away.


Dare mo inakunatta kono saidan no ue
Kami ni nari
On this altar, where everyone else disappeared,
I will become god.


Ah...人は皆求めるだろう 哀しき永遠の命を
Ah... Hito ha minna motomerudarou Kanashiki towa no inochi wo
Ah... all people pursue a pitiful, eternal life.


憎しみを 争いを 孤独と引き換えにして
今吸い出してあげよう そう目を閉じて
Nikushimi wo Arasoi wo Kodoku to hikikae ni shite
Ima, suidashite ageyou? Sou me wo tojite
Hatred, rivalry - exchange them for loneliness.
Shall I now drink it away? - Then, close your eyes...

06 May, 2009

ナ・ミ・ダ [Song Translation]

A character song from Meine Liebe! This is Ludwig's image song from the Meine Liebe capriccio soundtrack.

:Db Lui!



Toshihiko Seki as Ludwig

あの日。。。心に。。。深く。。。 誓った。。。
Futatsubu no namida ni ha
Kanashimi wo nosete
Hitotsubu no namida ni ha
Ikari no osete nageshita
Ano hi... kokoro ni... fukaku... chikatta...
In two teardrops,
Sadness is loaded
In one teardrop,
Anger is loaded, and it washed away
That day, I swore deep in my heart...

Dokokara atatakai mono
Nazeka ima ni natte
Mezame hajimeteiru
Sonna... jibun ga... koko ni... iru...
GARASU no... kakera ni...
Jibun wo... utsushite
Yasashii... namida wo...
Ano hito ni... nagasou...
I had forgotten
Where all that warmth was from.
Somehow, now it had become like this.
I will begin to awaken
That 'me' that is right here...
In the shards of glass,
I am reflected
Those gentle tears
Seem to be flowing to that person...

24 April, 2009

Dive [Song Translation]

The character song of Kou from Monochrome Factor. Quite a touching, beautiful piece, though the second verse was a pain to translate. Enjoy~.


Konishi Katsuyuki as Kou

憂いの月に 願いをかける
廃墟なこの世界に 道すじを照らしてる
君だけが持っているのさ 代わりなんてない
Ecstasy 深い闇 夢の中でも
俺をイカせるのは 君だけで
Ecstasy, So dive in me 守りたい人がそばにいる
Urei no tsuki ni Negai wo kakeru
Kimi moto he todoite
Haikyo na kono sekai ni Michi suji wo terashiteru
Sa, sayaka na hikari
Kimi dake ga motteiru no sa Kawari nante nai
Nandomo kanjita
Ore dake ga shitteiru Real
Ecstasy Fukai yami Yume no naka demo
Ore wo ikaseru no ha Kimi dake de
Ecstasy, So dive in me Mamoritai hito ga soba ni iru
Koko ni oide
My wishes soar to the grieved moon
And reach out to you
In this ruined world, a straight path is shining -
Yes, a clear light
You are the only one who possesses something that will never change
No matter how many it was felt,
Only I know that reality...
Ecstasy, even though darkness is deep in my dreams
I am the one to pass away, and there is only you
Ecstacy, so dive in me, because the person I want to protect is near me
Come here...

突然 出違う偶然の中で
懐かしいと想う 不思議
終りかけの世界に 一滴の真実
生まれかわるように 変わっていくから
俺たちがみつけてく Real
Ecstasy戦う 運命さえも
Ecstasy, So dive in me こんなに燃えたぎる想いを抱いて 君と
Totsuzen Dechigau guuzen no naka de
Natsukashii to omou Fushigi
Owarikake no sekai ni Hitosujiku no shinjitsu
Kasanari aukagi
Kimi no sonzai ga atte
Umarekawaru you ni Kawatteiku kara
Oretachi ga mitsuketeku Real
Ecstasy Tatakau Unmei sae mo
Jiyuu na iro de egaite misero
Ecstasy, So dive in me Konna ni moetagiru omoi wo daite Kimi to
It was sudden, and I missed it by chance
Or so I thought nostalgically, and curiously
At the end of this world, there is one drop of truth
That lies upon the key
Your existence is here -
In order for you to be born, you are going to change,
And we will discover that reality
Ecstasy, paint battles and even fate
In the colour of freedom
Ecstasy, so dive in me, and I will embrace this burning feeling... and you

Ecstasy 深い闇 夢の中でも
俺をイカせるのは 君だけで
Ecstasy, So dive in me 守りたい人がそばにいる
Ecstasy戦う 運命さえも
Ecstasy, So dive in me 闇から君を抱きしめて
カワイひと そばにおいで
Ecstasy Fukai yami Yume no naka demo
Ore wo ikaseru no ha Kimi dake de
Ecstasy, So dive in me Mamoritai hito ga soba ni iru
Koko ni oide
Ecstasy Tatakau Unmei sae mo
Jiyuu na iro de egaite misero
Ecstasy, So dive in me Yami kara kimi wo dakishimete
Tsuredasu kara
Kawai hito Soba ni oide
Ecstasy, even though darkness is deep in my dreams
I am the one to pass away, and there is only you
Ecstacy, so dive in me, because the person I want to protect is near me
Come here...
Ecstasy, paint battles and even fate
In the colour of freedom
Ecsasy, so dive in me, because there is darkness, I will embrace you
Because I will take you away
Cute person, come close to me

22 April, 2009

Monochrome [Song Translation]

Yay! Monochrome by Master has finally been translated! :Db Hurray!

Thanks to Royal Lavender for allowing me to use her kanji and romaji renderings. :D And always, I beg to remind you that I am an amateur when it comes to translations, so if you know better, please kindly guide me.


Hatano Wataru as Wagatsuma Shuichi/Master

夜明けを待ちわびる鳥が 瞼を開いた時
ためらいながら見上げる空に 翼を広げて
モノクロな世界の中 刻まれた運命に
立ち向かう瞳は きっと闇さえ
切り裂くのだろう 確かに
Yoake wo machiwabiru tori ga Mabuta wo hiraita toki
Tamerai nagara miageru sora ni Tsubasa wo hirogete
MONOCHROME na sekai no naka Kizamareta unmei ni
Tachimukau me wa Kitto yami sae
Kirisaku no darou Tashikani
A bird, tired of waiting for the morning, opened its eyes
It haltingly raises its eyes to the sky and spreads its wings
Our fate is carved in this monochrome world
Without fail, even the darkness that oppresses my eyes
Will be cut away... Surely.

君の唇が 君の指先が
君が愛しくて 君が愛しくて
Kimi no kuchibiru ga Kimi no yubisaki ga
Sotto ashimoto terasu yo
Yoake e michibiku hikari
Kimi ga itoshikute Kimi ga itoshikute
Tachisukundeshimau yo
Umareta te no kono ai wo
Your lips... your fingertips...
And your footsteps softly shine,
A light leading to the morning.
Because you're so dear to me, because you're my beloved,
I am completely petrified.
This love that was born...
I will embrace it.

睫の先に広がる 色のない存在に
覚悟を決めた想いがそっと 伝わりゆく鼓動
モノクロの糸に絡まる その先の運命に
疲れたなら いつでもここで
すべてを忘れて おやすみ
Matsuge no saki ni hirogaru Iro no nai sonzai ni
Kakugo wo kimeta omoi ga sotto Tsutawariyuku kodou
MONOCHROME no ito ni karamaru Sono saki no unmei ni
Tsukareta nara Itsudemo koko de
Subete wo wasurete Oyasumi
A colourless existence spreads before the tips of my eyelashes.
I prepared myself, and my feelings are spoken through soft heartbeats,
Entwining monochrome threads into the fate that lies ahead.
If you're tired, I will always be here.
You can forget everything... and rest.

君の足跡に 君の傷口に
こんなに切ない こんなに苦しい
Kimi no ashiato ni Kimi no kizuguchi ni
Yasashi kage ga ochiru yo
Kowagaru koto wa nai kara
Konna ni setsunai Konna ni kurushii
"Ai" to iu mono no tame ni
Donna koto kara mo kimi wo
Sukuidasu kara
Your footprints... your wounds...
Gentle shadows fall into them
Because there's nothing we fear.
It's painful, and it's difficult, but
For the sake of a thing called "love"
No matter what, I will
Free you.

君の微笑みが 君の眼差しが
君が恋しくて 君が恋しくて
Kimi no hohoemi ga Kimi no manazashi ga 
Kieteshimawanu youni
Kono te de mamotteyuku yo
Kimi ga koishikute Kimi ga koishikute
Yokei kodoku ni naru yo
Shizukani afureru omoi
Your smile... your gaze...
So that they don't fade away,
I will protect you.
I love you... I long for you.
This unnecessary loneliness becomes
Feelings that quietly overflow...
I will embrace them.

* "Oyasumi" is commonly known as "good night", but "yasumu" is also the verb for "to rest" (conjugating to "oyasumi(masu)" in the polite). It seemed to fit better to have the verb form here.

01 February, 2009

Monochrome Factor Mini Drama - The Shadow of Shirogane Tower, Pt. 1

This is cross-posted from MonoRyuukou-Subs. Since I did the work I feel like it's okay to post the translation here, too. :3 You can listen along as you read. Enjoy!

Kengo: Aya sure is persistent! Day after day, she comes around bothering us. I wish she would just give up.

Akira: Mm. She is the authority.

Kengo: You said it!

Someone: It's over!

Kengo: Huh? What's that?

Monochrome Factor Character Song CD Mini Drama: The Shadow of Shirogane Tower.
Episode 1 - Shadow of Dusk
(TL Note: "Shirogane" means "silver" or "platinum"; literally read, it is "White Gold")

Someone: Congratulations! Second place is a Cyclone Vacuum!

Kengo: Wow! It's my first time seeing something like this!

Akira: Eh.

Kengo: It sure looks cool. First place is a flat-screen liquid crystal television, third place is a portable Gamekey...

Akira: Gamekey?

Kengo: Ah, speaking of that, I think I got a note from neechan. How embarrassing. Where was it...

Akira: Is this it?

Kengo: Ah!

Akira: I swiped it from you.

Kengo: Uh... no, I... that's...

Akira: How brave. Such a thing would usually make a man upset, right?

Kengo: Y-yes...

Someone: Here you go, one round!

Akira: Anyway, I just need to aim for third place...

Someone: It's done! He did it! And the prize, a meal at a top-class French restaurant!

Kengo: Amazing! Akira, you're amazing!


Kengo: Hey, it's a special invitation!

Akira. Eh.

Kengo: Um, "After making your way up the mountain, please stay for awhile in the white retreat, which was an embassy of the homeland in the Meiji Era, before continuing on to the restaurant..."

Akira: Tch.

Kengo: "Since it shines so beautifully in the moonlight, it has been named Shirogane Tower..."

Akira: Shirogane Tower?

Kengo: "... and has been transformed into a restaurant, as it is now, that is now highly thought of."

Akira: -sigh-

Kengo: "We are devoted to your satisfaction. For helping make us a success, we thank you for coming, and hope you enjoy your visit", it says.

Akira: -sigh-

Kengo: But, that was really cool, Akira! ...... What is this 'page' they're giving us?

Akira: -snort-

Kengo: Hey, come on, Akira!

Akira: Ah, shut up! Unless you're talking about the game, that is!

Kengo: What are we going to do about this?

Akira: About what?

Kengo: What you got from the lottery!

Akira: Wouldn't you like to go with your sister?

Kengo: But this is for you, Akira...

Akira: I'm not really interested.

Kengo: But, even so....

Akira: What now? If you want to go, just go.

Kengo: But we have to go at seven for it, right? That's the only requirement.

Akira: Oh.

Kengo: Oh, and they have a dress code, too! Amazing.

Akira: Then just go with your family.

Kengo: Um... but you see...

Akira: Hm?

Kengo: On this date, my parents are going to be on a luxury trip overseas.

Akira: Oh.

Kengo: So, I can't go with my family. You should come.

Akira: What?

Kengo: Since my family won't be around, won't you come with me to the restaurant?

Akira: I'll pass. French isn't really my thing.

Kengo: What? Then, what should I do?

Akira: How about Aya?

Kengo: Aya? Surely you don't mean that unreasonable prefect! I don't think French is her thing.

Akira: I see.

Kengo: Hmmm.... I got it!

Akira: Oh?

Kengo: We'll go!

Akira: With who?

Kengo: Akira, me, Kou-nii, and Shirogane-san!

Akira: Are you stupid?

Kengo: Eh?

Akira: Shirogane doesn't count. He's not human.

Kengo: O-oh... that's right... I'm sorry...

Akira: Guess you won't budge.

Kengo: Huh?

Akira: How about Master? I bet we can get him to come.

Kengo: Akira...

Akira: You call Kou-nii. I'll go see if Master will come.

Kengo: Akira! Thank you!!

Akira: Dorya!

Kengo: Guh...

Akira: Take this!

Kengo: OW!

Akira: Yes... at that time, we couldn't imagine it. The lesson we were about to learn from this free trip was only the beginning of the story. It was something that had to be seen to be believed...

P.S. Due to midterms, posting of episode screencaps has been put back a day or two. But you can enjoy the drama in its place. XP