31 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Announcement #1

For those waiting for the new chapters of Number and Monochrome Factor:

At current, I'm busy working full-time. School re-starts on Monday, and I may have a temporary translation job through mid-January. Therefore, please don't expect any updates until around February.

On the other hand, I just received my copy of Monochrome Factor vol. 08, which catches me up with almost all the current released chapters (I'm missing maybe one in Japanese). I'm planning on doing quick chapter overviews in my little spare time for anyone interested in just seeing what's going on, most detail spared.

So, keep checking back for those. :)

26 December, 2009

Names in “Number”

Today’s random blog-post topic is something I had been thinking about as I started going through and scanslating Number.

I noticed that a lot of the characters in Number have floral or fruit names. Anzu = apricot, Zakuro = pomegranate, Edelweiss is a tiny German flower, Sakura = cherry blossom, Kuchinashi – gardenia. Ageha and Tamamushi have insect names – an ageha is a swallowtail butterfly and a tamamushi is a jewel-beetle.

Interesting, no?

Not only that but Toneriko’s last name is “Furoribanda”. “Furori” = Flori? Maybe?

(EDIT: In Japanese "banda" means "many branches". So, "many branches of flora", maybe.)

I had a hard time figuring out “Toneriko” and I was actually about to give up when I randomly put “tone” into my handheld electronic dictionary just to see what came up, and lo and behold! “Toneriko” means “ash tree” in Japanese. Another plant. :)

To be honest I’ve no idea what Tekirai and Aralagi’s names mean. But if it’s Aralagi… who cares. XD

(EDIT: An Araragi is also a butterfly.)

But Tekirai’s could be interesting. I tried to piece some kanji together for it and came up with:

嫡雷 Descendant of Thunder
敵来 Future Enemy
擢雷 Surpasses Thunder

Any would be fitting.

Names usually have significance in manga stories (at least in the ones I read, har har), so that’s why I thought of it.

Randomness over. Back to relaxing before school starts again. :/

24 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Number, Guilt 07

In time for Christmas, Number Guilt 07 - Flower Burial has been finished. :)

Click on "Number" under crystal scherzo for the download.

Merry/Happy Christmas, everyone!

15 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Monochrome Factor Vol. 7 Extras

"Naze? Naze? Neeze!! - Athletics with Everyone!" short manga.

Up for grabs under "Monochrome Factor". Enjoy, everyone~!

07 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Monochrome Factor Vol. 6 Extras

"The Sorano Group Workplace Manga" and "Free Talk - Nanaya Version". :)

Up for download under Monochrome Factor. Have fun!

06 December, 2009

MF Chapter 46 Summary

It's not a very detailed summary, because I'm just quickly reading through it (I have finals this week ;A; ) but it's something, right? ;D

Here you go!

The chapter starts out with Lulu asking to talk with Shiki. He refuses, saying he has no reason to speak to a backstabber. Lulu asks what he thinks of Homurabi, and Shiki responds saying it doesn't matter what he thinks - the contract calls for complete obedience, nothing more. Aya says that he says that, but he doesn't agree with it at all. Lulu tries to reason with him, but he rejects her, saying that both she and Sawaki are going against the terms of the contract. Lulu disagrees, saying that her contract was with the "old" Homurabi; so, it is her duty to bring him back. She then allows Aya and Kengo to give Shiki his 100 strikes.

In the meantime, Kou (FINALLY) reenters the series, having reached the back entrance to the Royal Palace. Upon entering, he encounters Sawaki, who asks if Kou was the one to lead everyone there. With this, Kou realizes that no one else has reached the palace, and says he wouldn't lead them into a trap. After some teasing, Sawaki asks why Kou came to the Shadow World when he's in such bad condition. Kou replies that Shirogane doesn't need his help to succeed. He then deflects the question, asking if Sawaki thinks he can be forgive because, though he's stubborn and moody, he had a good reputation with the kings. "Only Ryuuko and I know what you did". Then Kou says, because if Sawaki were merely to die, Kou would be unable to forgive him, so instead he will kill Sawaki. Sawaki says that he will kill Kou so he can gain peace.

The scene then cuts back to the hospital, where the nurse from before enters Master's room to take his temperature. Shisui is sitting at the window, and the nurse is revealed to be one of his "children", Arisa. Arisa tells Shisui that bad things have been happening since Shirogane and the others crossed to the Shadow World. Arisa admits that she's been wondering if Homurabi really wants to destroy the world, and that if he is just appearing to want that on the surface, what his true intentions would be. Shisui reminds her that even people he has known for a long time try to hide things from him. He says that Shirogane, from the beginning, always tried to hide his emotions, which makes Shisui worry. Ryuuko apparently was always straightforward and honest, so Shisui didn't worry about him. He also says that he drove Homurabi into a corner with his powers, and he grieves that because he is unable to go, he is now stuck where he is.

Back in the Shadow World, Nanaya, Akira, and Shirogane have arrived at the Royal Palace. Homurabi goes to meet them.

What do you guys think? Looks like the epicness is finally picking up! I'm excited to watch Kou and Sawaki go at each other!

03 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Number, Guilt 06

crystal scherzo, my solo scanslation project, makes its first release: Guilt (chapter) 06 of Number, by Kawori Tsubaki.

Translation, image editing, and all that other jazz done entirely by me, but I must thank nocturneu of LiveJournal for acting as my scanner.

Since I'm acting completely solo, I can't promise it's amazing quality, but I did do my very best and I'm very proud of it.

You can read the chapter at MangaFox, or if you wish to download it, click on the "crystal scherzo" link on the sidebar and then go through "Number". :)

Hope you guys enjoy it~!