12 September, 2012

crystal scherzo Announcement #9

It’s been awhile since an announcement was made! f(^_^;

This one is concerning band translations!

As of now, I will have only two bands that will be constantly updated – the GazettE and Matenrou Opera. It’s a tragedy that Versailles has decided to cease activities, but we will look forward to a possible resurgence. Other bands I was working on – Juka and DELUHI – are also no longer producing, so once I am finished with theirs, and with the farewell album from Versailles, I will have only the two earlier bands to be working on.

Here is what you can look forward to seeing in the near future:






the GazettE 

As I have stated on my Twitter, now that their tenth-year album has been released, I’ll be backtracking and working on the GazettE’s older songs (from when they were still known as Gazetto) and rarer singles. This is pre-Hankou Seimeibun era stuff. Look forward to it please!





Asriel is a two-person doujinshi unit whose music has become widely known. The duo consists of Kurose K., who does all the music composition, and KOKOMI, who writes the lyrics and does the vocals. Supporting members play guitar, bass, and drums during lives and studio recordings.

This group is very recommended to those who are fans of Malice Mizer, Versailles, and Matenrou Opera. Why? Because Kurose K. is a huge fan of all of those bands, and Opera’s Ayame is close friends with both Kurose and KOKOMI! I have already done a couple of translations for Asriel, and while the discography is staggering, I will chip away at it one bit at a time!





 Rose Noire

Rose Noire is a gothic/darkwave duo whose sound is based mostly on classical music. The two members – Louie on vocals and mixing, and Jill on violin and art – met at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. They create beautiful and darkly ambient music with an aesthetic classical sound.

This duo is quite small and only have a few pieces, but nonetheless, I have fallen in love with them and will work with the material they have produced as I get my hands on it. They are highly recommended, especially to fans of Moi dix Mois, Malice Mizer, and Versailles!







Both these bands will be recognised by those who are fans of Juka; they are his projects after he left Sherow Artist Society and changed his stage name to Shaura. XOVER was a short-lived band, but produced some very nice rock music. VII-Sense is Shaura’s most recent project, a more metal-sounding band with an astounding three guitarists. The heavy sound is reminiscent of some of Shaura’s Sherow Artist Society associates. VII-Sense disbanded just a few months ago and Shaura only just announced his retirement from music.

Many of you will remember that these two bands were on the poll I gave out. Regardless of the number of votes they received, I have decided to work with them. Shaura (forever Juka in my mind) continued with his lovely work and enviable vocals, making these two projects a must, and since the discography is not too much, there’s no reason not to do them!






The famous fairy-tale visual kei band, Lareine, was one of the “Four Kings” of the original visual kei movement. Vocalist Kamijo gained his first international following in this band and used it to catapult himself to fame. The sound of Lareine is much softer and dreamlike than the later Versailles, inviting you to a more whimsical world.

Lareine was one of the highest requested in my poll, and given that we are now facing a Versailles deficiency, it is in my need and I’m sure in many others to take a look back at some of Kamijo’s previous work and see how he has been crafting a world of wonder through all his years in music.





Malice Mizer

Last but not least is the iconic Malice Mizer, who perpetuated the true Gothic and Lolita scene in visual kei. While perhaps not considered “commercially” successful, they nevertheless gathered a formidable cult following with their wide range of Gothic music and are still fondly remembered and respected to this day. The main member, Mana, has garnered international fame and has continued on to work with another beloved Gothic band, Malice Mizer’s spiritual successor Moi dix Mois. They are also well-known for producing Gackt, the now-infamous Japanese rock-gone-pop star.

Malice Mizer was the most requested by you guys, and how could they not be? I am very much looking forward to translating their pieces for all of you!








And those are the new bands you can be looking forward to seeing! Once the (many) stopped bands are caught up with, maybe you will be seeing some others streaming in. For now, however, I hope you enjoy what I will be giving you in the near future!



One last announcement: I created a more “personal” Twitter account concerning just my work for crystal scherzo. You can check it to see what I’m working on, what I’m planning on working on, stuff like that! Follow @cryscherzo_hana for all that!




Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

籠の蛹 Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “Kago no Sanagi” from their album “DIVISION”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company/Sony Music Japan.











I depend on your existence


Risei wo chigitta anata no sei
Yuukiyo ni saita hana ha kareru
Suhada ni yakitsukihagarenu kankaku
Toiki majiri no kotoba oboeteru?
Because you tore reason apart,
The blooming flowers of this gloomy world withered.
Do you remember the sensations burned into you that could couldn't cast away,
The words that mixed into sighs?


Sono yasashiki uso ni ima nara tokekomeru
Aimai ni midasu no nara barabara ni shite
Now I can melt into the gentle lies,
And if there is faint disturbance, I'll fall to pieces.


手を伸ばせば届きそうな あの空が今は遠く
Kurenai hiku tabi kokoro wo kakushi kuruwa ni chiru
Kami wo nazoru nokori kaori ni habataki yume wo miru
Yurari yurari yurarenagara
Te wo nobaseba todokisou na Ano sora ga ima ha tooku
Tada... namida afuresou
When the red of the enclosure hiding my heart fades,
In the the lingering scent tracing through your hair, I dream,
Quivering and trembling.
It seems like if I stretched out my hand, I could reach the sky that is
now so far away,
But... my tears are spilling.


Teguri ito wo musubi wasuretoketa jounen
Sanagi no mama de ha kago kara tobezu
Rakujitsu ni somaru yuuutsu wo mata nodo ni nokoshite
I finish connecting the threads and fade into sentiment.
I can't escape from this cage as a chrysalis.
My melancholy, dyed in the setting sun, is once more left in my throat.


Kurenai hiku tabi kokoro wo koroshi banjuu no yami he
When the red fades, I fall into the dark of autumn which kills my heart.


Fureru koto sae nido to kanawanu imi wo sono toki ni ha mada
Ue no sora wo oyogu me ni anata ga ima mo kietekurenai kara
I can't touch you again. The meaning of that moment is still
Swimming above the skies, because you won't disappear from my sight.


Kawareta yoru ha tsuukoku sae yurushitekurenai
Koko ha mujihi na yoku no suu
Sayonara sae nigosu kuchi ni nani mo nozomanai kedo
The tame night doesn't even let me cry out in lamentation
Here in this nest of merciless greed.
And though you didn't wish for anything in that way that dirtied even "goodbye",


ただ残り香を辿り 彷徨う一人籠の中で…
Koko ni aru kioku made tsureteyukanai de
Kuruwa ni chiru sei ni genzi mo ashita wo midasenai mama
Tada nokori kaori wo tadori Samayou hitori kago no naka de...
Anata ga kienai
The memories that are here won't pass away.
Even the reality fallen here in this entrapment won't find tomorrow.
You'll just follow the lingering scent and wander around alone in this cage…
You won't disappear.


I depend on your existence

影踏み Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “Kagefumi” from their album “DIVISION”. While this could be translated as “shadow=step(ping)”, I found that there is a game called “Kagefumi” which is better translated as “Shadow Tag”. The game consists of people trying to step on each other’s shadows in order to tag them as ‘it’. In older days, the children would sing a song as they played, which isn’t really well translated, but it goes something like: “See if you can step on my shadow or the guardian of travel” (not included is a phrase saying something along the lines of the waxing crescent moon like a mochi dumpling, I think). It’s incredibly complicated and I can’t find much more than that other than the rules of the game, but this background sort of lends not only the atmosphere of a game played in the dark, but of the protagonist endlessly trying to catch up with the person he loves.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company/Sony Music Japan.









乾いた足音 肌を染めてく月光
Kawaita ashioto hada wo someteku gekkou
Tsumetai anata no te
Hagarenu you ni hiketa akatsuki ni
Sono tamerai wo sutetekureru?
Dry sounds of footfall, and moonlight dyes the skin...
This morning, I held your cold hand
So that you wouldn't leave me.
Will you throw away your hesitation?


ねぇ まだ笑えてる?
Ashita wo shinjiteyukeru imi wo motome
Doko ka de kowareteshimatta
Nani mo ka mo ga yugande mieta
Nee Mada waraeteru
I search for the meaning of being able to believe in tomorrow.
Somewhere, that belief broke.
Everything I can see is distorting...
Hey, can you still smile?


抱きしめていて 忘れぬように
Dakishimeteite Wasurenu you ni
Koe mo itsuka todokanaku naru
Maichiru ame ni kiehairi sou na
Futari no ashioto ga kasanari
Togireru made
I hold you close, so that I won't forget you.
Someday, my voice will no longer reach you.
The two of us, seeming like we'll disappear in the rain that dances down,
Walk, our footfall overlapping
Until we stop.


Tsuyoku te wo nigitte
Ima ha sore dake de ii
Sore ga anata wo shinjiteyuku yuitsu no hikari de
I held your hand tightly,
And for now, that's enough.
That's because you are the sole light I believe in.


抱きしめていて 忘れぬように
Dakishimeteite Wasurenu you ni
Koe mo itsuka todokanaku naru
Maichiru ame ni kasa mo sasenai
Sonna jibun ga kanashii
I hold you close, so that I won't forget you.
Someday, my voice will no longer reach you.
In this rain that dances down, I grieve
And can't open my umbrella.


Aishiteite ne
Konna ni yowaku natteshimatta kokoro mo
Hikari wo mitsumeochiteyuku futari
Yatto kasanatta
Anata no kage to
I love you,
Even though like this my heart is so fragile.
The two of us simply gaze at the light.
Finally, I overlapped
With your shadow.


忘れないでね これが終わりじゃない事
Wasurenai de ne Kore ga owari ja nai koto
Don't forget that this is not the end.

11 September, 2012

ヘドロ Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “Hedoro” from their studio album “DIVISION”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company/Sony Music Japan.











Product of the necessary evil


Danpenteki ni tsuru sareta joukei
Shiro to kuro ga mazariau
Haiiro to tawamuru daisansha
Amai amai kaos kajiru
Sore ha fukaku shimita hitsuyouaku
The scene suspended in fragments
Mixes black and white.
The bystanders that gambol about in grey
Chew on sweet, sweet chaos.
This is deeply-dyed necessary evil.


Juyou to kyoukyuu no paradox
Sore ha fukaku shimita hitsuyouaku
Uso ga makoto ni kasu you ni
The paradox of demand and supply
Is deeply stained with necessary evil,
So that the lies will turn to reality.


Sonna genjitsu ga sukoshi dake aware ni omoete
Mune ga odoru
That sort of reality seems a bit pathetic.
It’s an adrenaline rush.


Stealth ga milk no you ni toke
Awai fukakishinjitsu
Wazuka na risk no kaori
Mazareba kieteyuku distrust
Stealth melts like milk.
If the full flavour of reality
Runs into the faint scent of risk,
The distrust will disappear.


Sonna genjitsu ga sukoshi dake aware ni omoete
Mabuta wo toji mou hitotsu no me de mireba waraeteita no ni
Goran no toori no ariyou
That sort of reality seems a bit pathetic.
I close my eyes to look with another eye, and though I smile,
The circumstance is exactly as it looks.


Madara daradara tarenagashi argument
Butsu no gohizamoto
Koyoi mo shitsubou ni tsukiru
Hankyouran no rhythm ni nose
Madara daradara tarenagashi argument
Modorenai nara
Muchi na kodomo no you ni
Ochiyuku mama de
The endless inconsistencies and incontinent arguments
Will come to an end tonight
At the knees of the Buddha.
Riding on the half-crazed rhythm,
The endless inconsistencies and incontinent arguments
Won't return
And will instead fall
Like an ignorant child.


Itsu no ma ni ka nenmagatta taigi
Naraku to yoku nita rakuen
Kisei hagashi taboo kuraeba
Chi mo ten ni kawaru darou ka
Before you realise it, the twisted justice
Makes hell look quite like heaven.
If I were to swallow the faded regulation of the taboo,
I wonder if earth will change to heaven.


Product of the necessary evil...