20 August, 2012

Saint Croix Translation

A translation of Juka’s “Saint Croix” from his single of the same name. The song was later included on his best-of album “Seventh Sense”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Juka and his label Sherow Artist Society.





Saint Croix




There’s no reason I shuld be here at all

辿り着いた    聖なる地獄へ
Tadoritsuita Seinaru chi1 he
I struggled towards that holy land...


Crucify    悲しみが訪れる
紅く冷たく頬伝う    地と涙
Crucify Kanashimi ga otozureru
Akaku tsumetaku hoho tsutau Chi to namida
Crucify Sadness advent,
And tears of the earth trace down cold, crimsoned cheeks.


Koko de ai no te wo sashinobete mo
Even if the hand of love reaches out to me here,


Crucify    憎しみを    生み出す
人間の痛みを解らない    美徳の鏡
Crucify Nikushimi wo Umidasu
Hito2 no itami wo wakaranai Bitoku no kagami
Crucify The hatred is born.
A mirror of virtue cannot understand the suffering of humankind.


天はのみこまれて... やがて解き放つだろう
羽搏くように    天を羽搏くように
Sora3 ha nomikomarete... yagate tokihanatsu darou
Hito ha waraimiageru darou
Habataku you ni Sora wo habataku you ni
Mune no oku tsubasa daiteyou
The sky swallows me, but soon it will release me,
And humankind looks up to me with a smile.
So that you can leap up, so that you can leap to the sky,
Embrace the wings of your heart.


Kami yo
Futatabi chaos wo tsukuridasu no ka...
Will you create chaos once again...?


Crucify    心の闇    映し出す
硬く冷たく凍りついた    碧き海
Crucify Kokoro no yami Utsushidasu
Kataku tsumetaku kooritsuita Aoki umi
Crucify The stiff, cold, frozen blue ocean
Reflects the darkness of the heart.


「あの日    キミが死んだから    ワタシは笑っていらるの…」
"Ano hi Boku ga shinda kara Kimi ha waratteirareru no..."4
"Because I died that day, you can laugh..."


空を覆い尽くす    波が覆い尽くす
消えないように    消えないように
Sora wo ooitsukusu Nami ga ooitsukusu
Kami ha umi wo miageru darou
Kienai you ni Kienai you ni
Mune no oku tsubasa hirogete...
The sky, and the waves wrap around me,
So God will admire the sea.
So that I don't disappear,
I spread the wings of my heart...


天をのみこんでゆく    神をのみこんでゆく
Sora wo nomikondeyuku Kami wo nomikondeyuku
Hito ha waraimikudasu darou
I'll swallow the sky, I'll swallow God,
And look down upon humankind with a smile.


飛べないように    天へ還さぬように
羽ばたくように    夢を抱けるように
Tobenai you ni Sora he kaesanu you ni
Tenshi no hane5 ubaiumi sarou
Habataku you ni Yume wo dakeru you ni
If I can't fly, if I can't return to the sky,
The ocean will steal away the wings of the angels,
So that I can fly, so that I can find my dream,


Tamashii no hane hirogeyou
I'll spread the wings of my soul,


Kami no shuuen ga motarashita jigoku no kiseki
And the demise of God will bring forth the miracle of hell.


Saint Croix







1. Juka writes “jigoku” (“hell”) but sings “chi” (“earth”) here, but at the end of the song, sings “jigoku” as he has written it.
2. Juka has written “ningen” (“people, humankind”) but sings “hito” (“people”).
3. “Ten” (“heaven”) is written, but Juka sings “sora” (“sky”).
4. I don’t know why he did this to this line, but he wrote (translated) “because you died that day, I was able to laugh”, but sings the pronouns switched so it becomes the current translation. He does what he wants…
5. “Tsubasa” (“wing”) is written, but Juka sings “hane” (“wing”).


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