31 August, 2012


A translation of the GazettE’s “DRIPPING INSANITY” from their studio album “DIVISION”. This song has some pretty interesting and strong parallels to “Bath Room” from “DIM” – see if you can find them.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company/Sony Music Japan.











Shizukesa ni shitataru kyouki ni
Akaku nureta kodoku ga warau
Nemuri wo wasure asu mo mienai nigotta me
In the insanity dripping into silence,
My crimson-drenched loneliness laughs.
My impure eyes that can't even see morning lose sleep.


水面を泳ぐ理想 事実に溺れ滲む
Minamo wo oyogu risou Jijitsu ni oborenijimu
The ideas swimming on the water's surface drown and blur into fact.


一つずつ裂いた思い出 白い壁に赤く
Kanashige ni doko wo miteiru no?
Anata ni todokanai
Hitotsuzutsu saita omoide Shiroi kabe ni akaku
Where are you looking with such a sad face?
I can't reach you...
I paint the tearing memories one by one in red onto the white wall.


流れてゆくあなたの体温 瞬きを忘れ見つめていた
微かに残る喪失感 迷いなど無かった
Nagareteyuku anata no taion Mabataki wo wasure mitsumeteita
Kasuka ni nokoru soushitsukan Mayoi nado nakatta
I gazed at the lost flicker of your temperature as it washed away.
The feeling of loss is barely left... and there is no hesitation.


忘れてしまいそう 堪えた痛みも涙も
Wasureteshimai sou Koraeta itami mo namida mo
It seems I'll completely forget everything... even the pain I bore, and the tears.


あなたに手を伸ばし 一つずつ裂いた思い出
Kanashige ni naze boku wo miru no?
Anata ni te wo nobashi Hitotsuzutsu saita omoide
Ate mo naku nagareteku
Why are you looking at me with that sad face?
I reach my hand to you, and one by one, the tearing memories
Flow to nothing.


Was I wrong?
Don't watch me with sorrowful eyes
Teach it...
Where is the truth?


Kokoro wo kikasete
Boku ha hitori datta to
Uso demo ii kara
Let me hear your heart.
Just tell me I was the only one,
Even if it's a lie.


Nani mo miyou to shinakatta yowaki boku he no daishou
I didn't see your consideration towards the weak me.


すり寄せる頬が冷たくて 吐息も探せない
寂しさに慣れてたはずなのに 何故 涙溢れる?
一つずつ消えてく思い出 微笑む僕は居ない
Suriyoseru hoho ga tsumetakute Toiki mo sagasenai
Samishisa ni nareteta hazu na no ni Naze Namida afureru?
Hitotsuzutsu kieteku omoide Hohoemu boku ha inai
The cheeks I nuzzle are cold, I can't find your breath.
Though I should be accustomed to this loneliness, why are tears overflowing...?
I have no smiles for each memory that disappears one by one.


このまま あなたと僕は孤独
Kono mama Anata to boku ha kodoku
Like this, you and I are alone.


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I thought bathroom was from nil

silent scribbler said...

Bath Room is from NIL ^^
Nice translation by the way

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