07 August, 2014

Seraph Translation

A translation of Malice Mizer’s “Seraph” from their mini-album “memoire”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to Malice Mizer and their label Midi:Nette.












Yuka no ue ni baramakareta e wo nagameru
Ano koro ni sukoshi mo kawaranai kimi ga hohoemu
Nagaretekuru utagoe ni oborenagara
Ima mo sukoshi mo kawaranai boku ga tadazumu
Gazing at the pictures strewn on the ground,
You, who haven't changed a single bit since that time, are smiling.
While drowning in your flowing, singing voice,
Now, I, who haven't changed a bit either, stand still for awhile.


空が青くなく 夜が黒くなく 赤の鼓動が止めば
Sora ga aokunaku Yoru ga kurokunaku Aka no kodou ga yameba
Kimi wo wasureru koto ga dekiru no ni
The sky is not blue. The night is not black. If the red palpitations will stop,
I could maybe forget you.


seraph serenade
何処へ往くの? 連れて行って 独りになれない
seraph serenade
Doko he yuku no? Tsureteitte Hitori ni narenai
Mukae ni kita kimi no te wo toru
seraph serenade
Where are you going? Take me with you so that I won't be alone.
You turn to me, and I take your hand.


この瞬間で幕を閉じる運命を 永遠に光る輝きの中 感謝する
Kono shunkan de maku wo tojiru unmei wo Eien ni hikaru kagayaki no naka Kansha suru
In this moment, the fate closes the curtains. In the brilliance shining in eternity, I'm grateful.


胸に残る体温 天使と舞う姿
Mune ni nokoru taion Tenshi to mau sugata
The body heat left in my chest dances with an angel.


銀色の翼が今 永い悪魔を越えて 君を待つ僕のもとへ
思い通りにして さぁ殺しておくれ 僕を待つ君の腕で
再会の今を抱き締めるこの僕を さぁ殺しておくれ…
Giniro no hane1 ga ima Nagai akuma wo koete Kimi wo matsu boku no moto he
Omoidoori ni shite Saa koroshiteokure Boku wo matsu kimi no ude de
Saikai no ima wo dakishimeru kono boku wo Saa koroshiteokure...
Now, with silver-coloured wings, you pass the eternal demons and come to me
who waits for you.
If it pleases you, now, kill me with your waiting arms.
Now, embracing me in our reunion, please, kill me...

1. “Tsubasa” (“wings”) is written, but Tetsu sings “hane” (“wings”).


乱雨羽月(Wataame Hazuki) said...

Hi! this is a very old post,but I wanted to point out it is not 悪魔 but 悪夢 according to the cd's booklet lyrics.
So, it isn't either "you pass the eternal demons" but "you pass a long nightmare".
In case this information would be helpful for anyones referring this post(^^ゞ

Anonymous said...

thank you<3

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