03 March, 2010

aimless Translation

A translation of Juka’s song “aimless”, which was included on the Aravesque single and the Seventh Sense best album.


… It’s pretty aimless. |D It’s basically elevator music – FRENCH elevator music – with Japanese words to it. Nevertheless, I do like it very much~. It’s very calming.


Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Juka and his label Sherow Artist Society.








窓の隙間から     心地良い陽射し
穏やかな風     花の香り運び
Madou no sukima kara kokorochiyoi hizashi
Yureru REESU ni matowaritsuku kimi
Odayaka na kaze hana no kaori hakobi
Kimi no kousui to konzari au
From an opening in the window come the pleasant sunrays.
You follow the flickering rays…
The quiet wind carries the scent of flowers
And blends with your perfume.


出掛けよう     誰もいない場所
Dekakeyou daremo inai basho
Let's go out, to a place no one else is...


Komichi ni tsuranaru hana ni yuwareta
Choutachi no DANSU ni mitoreru kimi
Stretching out in the path, the flowers are calling,
And you are charmed by the dance of the butterflies.


蝶の舞     導かれるまま
Chou no mai michibikareru mama
The butterflies' dance leads the way...


風に吹かれて踊ら  される木の葉
水辺の波紋さえ     美しいから
Kaze ni suikarete youra sareru mizu no you
Mizube no hamon sae utsukushii kara
You breathe in the wind and dance, like the leaves of the trees …
Even the ripples on the water's surface are beautiful.


出掛けよう     誰もいない場所
蝶の舞     導かれるまま
Dekakeyou daremo inai basho
Chou no mai michibikareru mama
Let's go out, to a place no one else is.
The butterflies' dance leads the way...


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