13 March, 2010

forbidden Translation

A translation of Moi dix Mois’ “forbidden”. It was initially released on their debut single “Dialogue Symphonie”, then later was remixed and rerecorded with the new vocalist Seth and released on the “Lamentful Miss” single.


Personally… I like Juka’s version better. But that’s me.


Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Moi dix Mois and their label Midi:Nette.





Dialogue Symphonie



why am I here nowhere?


my Dis your Dis


祈り捧ぐMaria もう二度と戻れない
想い告げるMaria もう一人の記憶に
forbidden relation with love
Inori sasagu Maria   Mou nido to modorenai
Omoi tsugeru Maria   Mou hitori no kioku ni
forbidden relation with love
I pray to Maria... I can't go back again.
I tell my thoughts to Maria... in another memory is a
forbidden relation with love



Toki* no naka e Maria
Eien ni nemuru Maria
To Maria, within time...
Maria, sleeping in eternity...



Anata e...
To you...

*"Shunkan" (a moment) is written, but "toki" (time) is sung.


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