20 March, 2010

Unmoved Translation-Romanization

A translation of the song “Unmoved” on Moi dix Mois’s extended play disc “Beyond the Gate”, their first CD with the new vocalist Seth and new bassist Sugiya and drummer Hayato. It’s a very gentle and light song, in the beginning but… ha ha. Moi dix Mois is only beginning to become Gothic. :D They sure like to trick you.


The first half or so is screamed in English by K, but I romanized the Japanese that they provided as a translation to their Japanese fans, just in case you wanted to know how to read it. :) I italicized those romanizations like I italicize normal English translations.


Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Moi dix Mois and their label Midi:Nette.





Beyond the Gate 



Nothing can be seen with the rotten deathly head
<Dotama ha fushoku shi nanimo miete ha inai>



Crooked desire can't show the future
<Yuganda yokubou ha arata naru mirai wo utsushidase ha shinai>



Leave yourself to pity music of burying a foolish man (dunce)
<Orokamono wo houmuru tame no awaremi no chingonuta ni mi wo ine>



May you rest in peace
<Yasuraka na nemuri ni tsuku ga ii>



貴方は気づかない 奪われた真実(こころ)を
虚像という名の世界へ 堕ちて彷徨えば
Anata ha kizukanai Ubawareta kokoro* wo
Kyozou to iu na no sekai he Ochite samayoeba
You don't realize that the heart you lost
Will fall and wander around a world called "pretence"



朽ち果て崩れゆく貴方は 生ける屍のよう
Kuchi hate kuzureyuku anata ha Ikeru shikabane no you
You, who rots and crumbles away, are like a living corpse.



希望は腐り果て 妄想に溺れて
指先導く現実で 満ちて彷徨えば
Kibou ha kusurihate Mousou ni oborete
Yubisaki michibiku sekai** de Ochite samayoeba
Hope decays, drowning in delusion,
Falling into and wandering through a world that leads it by the fingertip.



愚かな装飾は 引き裂かれ 生ける屍のよう
Oroka na soushoku ha Hikisakare Ikeru shikabane no you
A foolish ornament will rend you, like a living corpse.



虚栄は醜く ひび割れた鏡
Kyoei ha minikuku Hibiwareta kagami
Vanity is an ugly cracked mirror...



何故 求めない
Naze Motomenai
Why... aren't you searching?

*"Shinjitsu" (truth) is written, but "kokoro" (heart) is sung.
**"Genjitsu" (reality) is written, but "sekai" (world) is sung.


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