03 August, 2015

OMINOUS Translation






Sleep... Count me down... Again


さぁ    目を閉じて
Saa Me wo tojite
Now, let's close our eyes
And face it.


Gareki ni tsubureta inori
Habataiteiku kimi no me ni utsusu
The prayer crushed in rubble
Reflects in your eyes as you flap your wings.


Atsuku kageru sora ni
Akumu to mau kimi wo miru
I see you dancing with nightmares
In the thickly-shadowed sky.


そう    夢は逆夢
Wasurenai de
Kokoro ha shinanai
Wasurenai de
Sou Yume ha sakayume
Don't forget:
The heart doesn't die.
Don't forget:
Yes, that dreams are contradicted by reality1.




Sleep... Count me down... Again


Fushou ha ruten wo meguri
Danzoku no yami ga ore wo otosu
With ominousness surrounding change2,
The intermittent darkness looms over me.


形無き明日を奪う    踏み出す度
Katachinaki asu wo ubau Fumidasu tabi
Kageru sora de nani mo mienai
Kanashimi ni jibun wo koroshi sakebu koe ha
Nani mo sukuenai
Every time I step forward, the shapeless tomorrow is snatched from me.
I can't see anything in that shadowed sky.
Killing myself with grief, my screaming voice
Cannot save anything.


Sleep... Count me down... Again







1. "Sakayume" literally means "dream which is contradicted by reality". Since using the literal translation would be slightly redundant, I only used the modifier.
2. "Ruten" literally means "vicissitudes", but since this is an incredibly uncommon word, I used a synonym, "change", instead.

With the release of the lyric video for this song just a short while ago, and when watching it I could translate 98% of the Japanese without thinking, I thought I'd go ahead and do this. I don't know if this is the full song or how the lines are divided, but I will come back and change anything that needs to be changed later. Edited!

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label Sony Music Japan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! :) can I ask you some questions about the translation? 羽ばたいていく君の目に 映す you translate it as ' Reflects in your eyes as you flap your wings', can i translate it as ' The prayer crushed in the rubble
it flaps in your eyes and then reflected in them?'.

落とす means 'to drop; to lose; to let fall', why did you use 'to loom'?

And the last thing, I'm not sure if it orrect the translation of 形無き明日を奪う 踏み出す度..

Hana 羽奈 said...

Hi there!

1) You can translate the line that way if you wish to! For me, because I don't know any divides in lines, for now 羽ばたいていく modifies 君. When I get the real lyrics, it might be a different way!

2) Sometimes kanji are used in ways that aren't their dictionary form. For example, if you put 落とす into SpaceAlc (a site I highly recommend!), you'll find it being used in ways like "to loom" or "to flick". I personally felt that the "to loom" interpretation fit better, so that's what I used.

3) If you don't feel my translation is correct, that's fine. I'm not a native speaker, and everyone will translate things according to their experience and knowledge with the language. Almost no two translations will be 100% correct. This is just the way that I read it, and that I feel the lyrics are meant to be.

TL;DR - your views are valid! Translate it any way you wish! ;D

Hana 羽奈 said...

"Almost no two translations will be 100% correct" > Almost no two translations will be 100% alike. Pardon my English. xP

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification.With my questions, I didn't mean that your translation is wrong, simply I wanted to confront on some points :)
I use, an online dictionary, It is simple and useful.
you are right, everyone will translate things according to their experience and knowledge.
Love your blog :D

p.s. I don't speak english very well but i try :P

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