15 July, 2015

marionette Translation






満月に照らされ目を覚ます marionette
Mangetsu ni terasare me wo samasu marionette
Tsunagareta karada wo sabishige ni mitsumeru
Illuminated by the full moon, the marionette awakens
And it sadly looks at its tied body.


イ マ ス グ 行 キ タ イ 扉 ノ 向 コ ウ へ
Mado kara nagameru sekai ha mabushikute
Ima sugu ikitai door no mukou he
The world I see from the window is dazzlingly beautiful.
I want to go through the door.


湧きあがる欲望 でも指も動かせない
涙さえ流れない 哀しみが溢れた
Wakiagaru yokubou Demo yubi mo ugokasenai
Namida sae nagarenai Kanashimi ga afureta
My desires burned, but I couldn't move even a finger,
Or even cry, though my sadness overflowed.


震える魂 心で叫んでいた
ト ニ カ ク 生 キ タ イ 自 分 ノ 足 デ
Furueru tamashii Kokoro de sakandeita
Tonikaku ikitai jibun no ashi de
My trembling soul screamed in my heart:
I want to live, some way or another, on my own feet!


雄叫びをあげて 糸を噛み千切った
「自由」という意味 僕は知りたかった
Otakebi wo agete Ito wo kamichigitta
"Jiyuu" to iu imi Boku ha shiritakatta
And then I let out a roar, and chewed through the strings.
I wanted to know the meaning of "freedom".

Translation of Kimeru's "marionette" from his self-titled album. Kimeru is the first Japanese artist I listened to, and after a long time without listening to him, I've started again lately so I wanted to do a translation. :)

Please do not steal this translation or use it pulicly without crediting me. All rights belong to Kimeru and his label Absolute Records.


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