07 July, 2011

Frontier Translation

A translation of DELUHI’s single “Frontier” from their single of the same name.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to DELUHI and their label Braveman Records.










You lose yourself because the time flies so fast
Makes it hard to know which road to go down
Stopping at the between reality and a nightmare
You miss your chance


You are up against the wall with the time passing by so fast
You can't remember your purpose
Tell yourself
This is where the end begins
Forget your old self
Take your new chance now


Keep on going Overtake your sorrow
'cause you will see a world that nobody could imagine
Believe in yourself


Beyond the frontier 遥か彼方へ
鼓動は今 加速して行くから
Beyond the frontier Harukakanata he
Netsu wo obita kaze ga kimi wo michibiku
Kodou ha ima Kazoku shite iku kara
I go far, far beyond the frontier
To you, who leads me with fever-tinged wind,
Because my heartbeat is now accelerating.


Omoi ha michite sora ni nobotte
Itsuka kitto kimi wo terasu darou
Doko made mo michi ha tsuzuku kara
My feelings ascend to the rising sky.
Someday, they will shine upon you.
Because this path continues ever on,


Mada mienai hiari wo shinjite
Ima kono koe ga kikoeteiru nara
I believe in the light I've yet to see,
Since you can hear my voice right now.


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