12 September, 2010

OGRE Translation

A translation of the Gazette'(ガゼット)’s “OGRE”, which was released on the studio album “DIM”. The ogre is a mythological monster that feeds on humans, but the name is used metaphorically to refer to people who exploit, brutalize, or devour their victims. From the lyric content, the ogre of the song is someone that pushes religion at other people, exploiting their desperation for hope and salvation in a world so filled with problems, and using these people to make their own way of life while knowing that there is no salvation to be had. Ruki’s lyrics of “God is not a humanist” and “God is a beast” refers to the suffering of humankind, citing some cynical approach that such a being would not allow it; “God is a liar” probably refers to religious teachings that say that there is peace and happiness to be had. The “ogre who wears the skin of God” would be the person that makes profit from the sufferings of these people searching for hope and relief in religion (“you make money by faith”).

I’m a religious person myself, but I can understand Ruki’s point with this song, and I find it quite fascinating the way he handles the wording. This song is a favourite in the lyrical sense.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.









Ogre play
God is not a humanist
Jiga Houkai Ran'you Kakusei Fuyuu Sakuran Abuse
Sogai Jihei Ken'o Yokujou Kiben Jii Seiteki Abuse
Ogre play
God is not a humanist
Ego Decay Misuse Disillusion Wandering Derangement Abuse
Neglect Autism Repugnance Craving Sophistry Masturbation Sex Abuse
Ogre play
God is not a humanist




輪舞剥離孤独鬱 加害思想 弱者の群れ
Aizou Mugon Kyozetsu Kairi Mutaku Jakushi Iki Zetsuen
Rinbu Hakuri Kodoku Utsu   Kagai shisou   Jakusha no mure
Like and dislike Silence Rejection Dissociation Unchosen Stillborn Abandonment Isolation
Ring dance Detachment Solitude Depression   Ideologies of Violence   Herd of the Weak


Ogre play
God is a beast
God is a liar
You make money by faith


Ogre Play
You are the ogre who wore skin of God


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