25 September, 2010

DIM SE Translations

Translations of the SE tracks on the GazettE’s studio album “DIM”. These SE tracks are meant to link the entire album together, and their placement in the album directly corresponds to the surrounding songs. They range from beautiful to mournful to horrific, and help lend to the feel of the album.

I will be putting all five of them together, since they are only a couple lines each.

Please do not steal these translations or use them without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.



Senaka ga sakemyakuutsu jijitsu
Truth pounds through the rending pulse in your back.

その花が纏う影 惹かれたのは裏
Sono hana ga matou kage Hikareta no ha ura
That flower clad in shadow Was drawn to the wrong side.

何も出来なかったのか それとも何もしなかったのか
Nanimo dekinakattano ka Sore tomo nanimo shinakatta no ka
Could you do nothing? Or, is it that you did nothing?

生温く香る優しさ 色付く白は黒にも見えた
Namanuruku kaoru yasashisa Irozuku shiro ha kuro ni mo mieta
The tepid-scented gentleness Seemed to change from white to black.

現代地獄絵図 鞠と首挿げ替えて 遊ぶ我が子もやがて鬼
Gendai jigokuezu Mari to kubi sugekaete Asobu waga ko mo yagate oni
The modern painting of Hell Replaces balls with heads And even our
playing children are demons.


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