05 September, 2010

crystal scherzo – Announcement #6

To anyone that follows this blog for Versailles anything, if you haven’t heard, their support bassist for this year’s world tour, masashi, has officially been taken in as a member of the band.

I have updated my Versailles translation page to reflect this wonderful news.

Omedetou gozaimasu, MASASHI san!




In other news, school’s just started so my translation work has been a mess, but hopefully after this week things will clear up a bit. I just handed off the script for MF 43, and Number should shortly follow.

I intend to finish cleaning up and posting my Versailles translations before their new single “DESTINY –The Lovers–” comes out next month. I also have a few requests for the translation of Matenrou Opera’s “Eternal Symphony”, so that is also on the list.


Thank you for your patience, I hope things will be back up again soon.


Anubis said...

Few days ago, when I saw that pic for the first time I was like an idiot haha. It is totally, totally beautiful <D.

Thanks and good luck!!! :P

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