10 January, 2013

crystal scherzo Announcement #10

Hello all!

Once again I make an announcement~ As you've probably noticed, I haven't updated for about a month now. This is simply due to a transition in life; I've graduated from uni, and then with holiday work, holiday travels, and getting started at a new job, I simply haven't had the time to really put time into translations. I'm expecting that once this transition phase is over, I should be able to start working at decent speed again.

However, I'm not exactly sure how long the phase will last, so for now, I'll say that I'm not expecting to be able to post for about another month. It shouldn't be that long, but it'd be better to be surprised than disappointed, right? f(^-^

Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you'll all come this way again once I am able to start posting up translations!


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