20 March, 2015

[beauty;beast] Translation

A translation of BORN’s “[beauty;beast]” from their single “DEMONS”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to BORN and their label Indie PSC.










Every day I spent with you was best I thank sincerely
Every day I spent with you was best It isn't forget


忘れないぜ お前らがくれた刺激を
Wasurenai ze Omaera ga kureta shigeki wo
I won't forget the incentive you gave to me.


飛び込んだこのシーンは 腐り果ててたんだ
だけどそうさお前らは違った 輝き狂ってた
Tobikonda kono scene ha Kusarihateteta n da
Da kedo sou sa omaera ha chigatta Kagayaki kurutteta
Saikou no kuzu ni sasagu kyousoukyoku sa
This scene we dove into is corrupt,
But, yes, you're different, shining madly.
I dedicate this sonata of madness to the supreme garbage,


Saiai naru kyoujuutachi he...
To my beloved mad beasts...


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