02 February, 2015

蒼天 Translation

Translation of XOVER’s “Souten” from their mini-album “XGATE”.

Please do not steal these lyrics or use them publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to XOVER and their label Red List Entertainment.










行き交う街の人々の中    咲き誇る一輪の花は
未だ見ぬ恋人の出逢い    風に吹かれ求め続けた…
Yukikau machi no hitogomi1 no naka Sakihokoru ichirin no hana ha
Mada minu koibito no deai Kaze ni fukare motometsuzuketa...
The one flower that blooms proudly in the crowds of people in the busy city
Keeps seeking for the meeting of blind lovers blown in the wind...


蒼天    この蒼は儚き生命を宿し    育みゆく
蒼天    果てしなく続いてゆく
Hiroi sora2 Kono sora ha hakanaki inochi3 wo yadoshi Hagukumiyuku
Aoi sora Hateshinaku tsuzuiteyuku
Wide sky... this sky carries and raises ephemeral life4.
Blue sky... it goes on endlessly.


閉鎖された闇の樹海で    欝ぎ込んだ生命の灯
醒迷い続けた挙げ句の果て    地獄へと沈め    生滅させた…
Tozasareta5 yami no naka6 de Utsugikonda inochi no akashi
Samayoi tsuzuketa ageku no hate Jigoku he to shizume Shoumetsu saseta...
The melancholy light of life is shut in the darkness.
In the end, I continue to wander and sink down to hell, where I'm born, and I die...


"失う人はもういないから    全て道連れにするよ"
"Ushinau mono7 ha mou inai kara Subete michizure ni suru yo"
"Because the person I lost is no longer  here, I'll take everything with me."


蒼天    この蒼は儚き精神を映し    涙色へ
煌く天    止めどもなく流れゆく
Hiroi sora Kono sora ha hakanaki kokoro8 wo utsushi Namidairo he
Kirameku sora Tomedo mo naku nagareyuku
Wide sky... this sky casts the ephemeral heart in the colour of tears.
The glittering sky flows on endlessly.


Ano sora ha toutoki inochi wo yadosu...
The sky carries a noble life...


蒼天    この蒼へ赫く志向を映し    虹色へ
赫く天    未来へと続いてゆく    夢を架けよう
Aoi sora Kono sora he kagayaku kokoro9 wo utsushi Nanairo he
Kagayaku sora Mirai he to tsuzuiteyuku Yume wo kakeyou
Blue sky... the shining intent is cast in rainbow colours in this sky.
The shining sky continues on into the future, building dreams.


果てしなく    つづいてゆく
Hateshinaku Tsuzuiteyuku
It goes on, forever.

1. “Hitobito” (“people”) is written, but Shaura sings “hitogomi” (“crowds of people”).
2. “Souten” (“blue sky”) is written while “hiroi sora” (“wide sky”) is written. Additionally, every time either 蒼 (“ao, blue”) or 天 (“ten, sky/heavens”) is written throughout the rest of the lyrics, Shaura will sing it as “sora” (“sky”).
3. “Seimei” (“life, existence”) is written, “inochi” (“life”) is sung.
4. The English translation of this may sound differently from what the kanji means, because I didn’t care to write out the base nitty-gritty of it (it’s too inelegant to write it out clearly in the lyrics, and there is not enough extra attached to it to make it clear so I don’t want to insert what isn’t there). “Yadosu” does mean “to carry”, but in this way the term is generally used only for pregnancies (as in “carrying a child”). “Hagukumu” does mean “to raise”, but in “raising a child”. So technically “carries and raises”, as I wrote, is correct, but it is in the motherly sense, rather than the general “carries an object and holds it high”.
5. “Haisa sareta” (“closed”) is written; Shaura sings “tozasareta” (“closed”).
6. “Jukai” (“dense forest”) is wrtten, while “naka” (“in, within”) is sung.
7. “Hito” (“person, people”) is written, “mono” (“thing” or “person”) is sung.
8. As usual, “seishin” (“mind, spirit”) is written while Shaura sings “kokoro” (“heart”).
9. “Shikou” (“intention, aim”) is written, but “kokoro” (“heart”) is sung.


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