10 October, 2015

Al Livras Translation

Meruvu ni Ochiru Nageki no Tenshi





願わくば信じる強さを 愛おし
心はいざ知らず已む無し 甲斐なし
Negawakuba shinjiru tsuyosa wo Itooshi
Kokoro ha iza shirazu yamu nashi Kai nashi
Love weighs down the strength I wished for and believed in.
It may be that the heart is reluctant, is futile.


右手で花を渡して 左手には武器を持ち
Migi te de hana wo watashite Hidari te ni ha fu1 wo mochi
Ushirode ni kakushiteiru no?
Handing you a flower with my right hand, I hold a weapon in my left.
Are you hiding in the hands tied behind your back?


(Utagaeba kiri ga nai kedo)
(Utagai ha kieru koto naku)
(Samayoi nin ni sashinobete)
(Tenshi ha itta)
(If you doubt, there are no limits, but)
(The doubts won't disappear.)
(Reaching out for the wandering people,)
(This is what the angels say.)


迷える時は 寄り添えば
ささやかな毎日に 見えている真実を
疑うことないよう 大切に。
Mayoeru toki ha Yorisoeba
Fuan nado kieru deshou
Nukumori ha itsuwari wo uchikesu akashi
Sasayaka na mainichi ni Mieteiru shinjitsu wo
Utagau koto nai you Taisetsu ni.
If I lean on the times I wavered,
I wonder if my worries will disappear.
The warmth is the proof that negates the lies.
The truth I can see in the modest everyday
Is important, so that I do not doubt.


願わくば永遠命は 苦をし
限られた時間は已む無し 罪なし
Negawakuba eien inochi ha Kuruwoshi
Kagirareta jikan ha yamu nashi Tsumi nashi
The eternal life I wished for is painful.
The limited time is unavoidable, is sinless.


前を見れば終焉が 後ろからは後悔が
Mae wo mireba shuuen ga Ushiro kara ha koukai ga
Yasuragi no toki ha itsu na no―?
If I look ahead, away from the demise and the regret behind me,
When will I have peace―?


(Risou ga genjitsu ni naru ka?)
(Genjitsu ga risou ni naru ka?)
(Samayoi nin wo michibikou)
(Tenshi ha itta)
(Will ideals become reality?)
(Will reality become ideals?)
(Let's lead the wanderers,)
(The angels say.)


迷える時に 怯えるより
ささやかな毎日に 見えている幸せを
失うことないよう 大切に。
Mayoeru toki ni Obieru yori
Ima wo hora tsukurimashou
Nukumori ha onore de umidaseru kiseki2
Sasayaka na mainichi ni Mieteiru shiawase wo
Ushinau koto nai you Taisetsu ni.
Now, look, let's make something
From the fear I felt when I was astray.
Warmth is a gem that one makes for themselves.
It's important to not lose the happiness I could see
In the modest everyday.

1. "Buki" ("weapon") is written, but Kokomi only sings "bu" ("martial arts" or "sword" or related terms). I kept the meaning of "buki" instead.
2. The way that "kiseki" here is written means "augite/pyroxene", but this doesn't really make sense in the lyrics so I kept the normal meaning of its synonym.

There's no translation for literally "al livras" as far as I know, but I'm thinking it may mean "libras" instead, and thus referring to the scales that represent the constellation Libra. There is also a "livre" in French which means "book", though from the context of the song, I believe that "libras" would be the way to go instead.

Please do not steal these translations or use them publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to Asriel and their label 5pb. Records.


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