10 May, 2015

剥愛のスローモーション Translation

Devilish of the PUNK





Obscene tragedy
A girl blooms all over tonight also
Now, it can laugh


夜を越えて何処へ行こう 目覚めれば冷えきった体温
夜を超えて何処へ行こう 未だ見ぬ男性よ
Yoru wo koete doko he ikou Mezamereba hiekitta taion
Yoru wo koete doko he ikou Mada minu anata1 yo
Where should we go to pass the night? When I awaken, my body temperature is cold.
Where should we go to pass the night? You who I've yet to see....


I who am addicted to sexual intercourse am sad, and dirty


何度でも言う 男性に触れていたい
昨日よりもそう 強く深く締め付けて
Kore ijou mo watashi wo kesenai de
Nando de mo iu Dansei ni fureteitai
Kinou yori mo sou Tsuyoku fukaku shimetsukete
Isso kokyuu wasuresasete
Don't erase me any more than this.
I've said over and over that I want to be touched by a man.
Tie me stronger, much stronger, than yesterday.
Hurry and let me forget that breath...


Since loneliness is dreadful, it wanders about a town
I would like to burn fire to the cold heart


幼き日 襖越し 母と弄ぶ彼 違う人
溶け合った シルエット 目も当てられない綺麗
Someone should bind me
Don't make me into one person
玩具でいい 砕け散るまで叩き潰して
Osanaki hi Fusuma goshi Haha to asobu2 kare Chigau hito
Tokeatta Silhouette Me mo aterarenai kirei
Kubisuji ni kusari no you ni ato wo tsukete
Someone should bind me
Don't make me into one person
Omocha de ii Kudakechiru made tataki tsubushite
In my childhood, the man that played with my mother beyond the fusuma was
a different person.
Their silhouettes melted together, and it was so lovely I couldn't look away.
Scar the nape of my neck like chains.
Someone should bind me.
Don't make me into one person.
It's okay if I'm a toy. Beat me until I'm smashed up.


I who am addicted to sexual intercourse am sad, and dirty


今だけでいい 私に依存して
凍えてしまう 男性がいないと
Ima dake de ii Watashi ni izon shite
Kogoete shimau Anata ga inai to
Yakitsukusu you ni tsuyoku fukaku kogashite
Hai ni naru made
It's okay if it's only now that you depend on me.
If there is no man, I freeze.
Burn me stronger and deeper, until I burn to nothing,
Until I turn to ash.


今夜の男性 とても優しそうで
接吻のたび 頬をそっと撫でる
恥じらう男性 焦らさないで 早く 早く
Kon'ya no anata Totemo yasashisou de
Kuchizuke3 no tabi Hoho wo sotto naderu
Hajirau anata Jirasanai de Hayaku Hayaku
Isso kokyuu wasuresasete yo
Tonight's man seems so gentle.
Every time we kiss, he gently touches my cheek.
You shy man, don't tease me. Faster, faster,
Hurry and let me forget that breath.

1. “Danse” (“man”) is writte, but Ryoga sings “anata” (which is used by people in a relationship to refer to each other, sort of like saying “dear”.)
2. “Moteasobu” (“to toy with”) is written, while “asobu” (“to play”) is sung. The meanings may be similar, as well as the words themselves; however, “moteasobu” is more negative, used in the way as “he toyed with my emotions” or “they were just playing me along”, while “asobu” is more innocent.
3. “Seppun” (“kiss”) is written, while “kuchizuke”, which means the same thing, is written.

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