31 January, 2015

Sexual Desire Translation

Translation of “Sexual Desire” from VII-Sense’s mini-album “The Reminiscence of War”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to VII-Sense and their label Red List Entertainment.





The Reminiscence Of War





暗闇を駆け抜けて    a painful experience
君の元まで    I am close to you
在り触れた日暮さえも    I feel love
狂い始めた    all of the world
Kurayami wo kakenukete a painful experience
Kimi no moto made I am close to you
Arifureta higure sae mo I fell love
Kuruihajimeta all of the world
I’m running through the darkness, a painful experience,
To you. I am close to you.
Even the sunsets I experienced I feel love
Begin to go mad all of the world


さあ    こっちおいで
僕が指差す方で    躍ってごらん
Ah~ Ah~    感じてごらん
欲望のままに揺らめき    重なり合え
Saa Kocchi oide
Boku ga yubisasu hou de Odotte goran
Ah~ Ah~ Kanjite goran
Yokubou no mama ni yurameki Kasanariae
Yes, come here.
Leap to where I'm pointing.
Ah~ Ah~ Feel it.
Trembling in the lust, we overlap.


Kimi no ayamachi ha subete ukeireyou
Kimi no kagayaki ha uchi ni himetenai de
Kokoro wo yusaburi soto he hakidase
I'll accept all of your faults
Don't hide all of your brilliance inside yourself.
My shaking heart spits it all outside.


迷わず夢の中    I had a nightmare
Mayowazu yume no naka I had a nightmare
In a dream that was no illusion, I had a nightmare


快楽を捻じ曲げて    painful experiences
「無理だ無理だ」と    I hold my breath
研(潰漬)まされた感覚は    I feel love
狂い始めた    all of the world
Kairaku wo nejimagete painful experiences
"Muri da muri da" to I hold my breath
tobisu masareta kankaku ha I feel love
Kurui hajimeta all of the world
Distorting pleasure painful experiences
"It's no use, it's no use!" I hold my breath
The sense of being crushed is I feel love
Beginning to go mad all of the world


さあ    瞳をとじて
僕が指挿すから    狂ってごらん
Ah~ Ah~    呼んでごらん
欲望の彼方へ溺れて    屍となれ
Saa Me wo tojite
Boku ga yubi osu1 kara Kurutte goran
Ah~ Ah~ Sakende goran
Yokubou no kanata he oborete Kabane to nare
Now, close your eyes
I put my finger in, so go mad.
Ah~ Ah~ Cry out
Drown on the other side of lust and become a corpse.


君の過ちは全て打ち消して    君の輝きも打ち消してあげよう
精神も躰も蝕んで    他人では駄目な躰にしてあげよう...
Kimi no ayamachi ha subete uchikeshite Kimi no kagayaki mo uchikeshite ageyou
Kokoro2 mo karada mo mushibande Hito de ha dame na karada ni shite ageyou...
I'll drown out all your faults, I'll negate all your brilliance.
I'll gnaw at your spirit and body, I'll make you of no use to anyone else...







1. “Sasu” (“to insert, put in”) is written but Shaura sings “osu” (“to push”).
2. “Seishin” (“mind, spirit”) is written while Shaura sings “kokoro” (“heart”).


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