07 April, 2014

Decadence Translation

A translation of Jupiter’s “Decadence” from their first album “Classical Element”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without my permission. All rights belong to Jupiter and their label Universal Music Japan.





Classical Element 






黒い太陽が 闇の住人を蘇らせて
甘い誘惑が 背徳の心を躍らせる
Kuroi taiyou ga Yami no shuunin wo yomigaerasete
Amai yuuwaku ga Haitoku no kokoro wo odoraseru
The black sun revives those that dwell in darkness.
The sweet temptation makes the corrupt heart dance.


終わらない孤独 消えて行くものが愛おしい
薔薇の砂丘に潜む刺に犯され そして我が身にひれ伏すがいい
Owaranai kodoku Kieteyuku mono ga itooshii
Bara no shakyuu ni hisomu toge ni okosare Soshite waga mi ni hirefusu ga ii
The neverending loneliness and the disappearing things are so sweet to me.
Hidden in the hills of roses, I'm raped by thorns, my body is prostrate.


罪な十字架に 縛られた運命さえも呪う
遥か異国の地に 伝えられし物語を説く
Tsumi na juujika ni Shibarareta unmei sae mo norou
Haruka ikoku no chi ni Tsutaerareshi monogatari wo toku
Hating even the fate that binds me to the cross of sin,
In the faraway foreign lands, I preach the tales I was told.


接吻交わした 夜にいつまでも乱れて
息を殺して悶えるキミの背に 刻む紋章の掟
Kuchizuke1 kawashita Yoru ni itsumade mo midarete
Iki wo koroshite modaeru kimi no se ni Kizamu monshou no okite
We'll forever be disturbed by the night where we exchanged kisses.
My breath is cut off with agony, and carved into your back is the crest of law.


今宵 共に踊ろう
Koyoi Tomo ni odorou
Futari dake no decadence
Butai wo higeki ni kae
Owarinaki yume wo
Tonight, let's dance together.
The decadence for us alone
Changes this scene, and the neverending dream
To tragedy.


今宵 闇に酔わせた
Koyoi Yami ni yowaseta
Futari dake no decadence
Rasen no kikou wo ima
Tonight, we'll get drunk on the darkness.
The decadence that is for us alone
Now buries
The spiral of memory.


Shishite no chiyamu kodoku ni
Hatenaki yume wo mita
Aishita bara ni okuru
Shuuen no kanata
In this loneliness that will never pass until I die,
I saw a neverending dream.
I'm blessed with the roses I so love
On the other side of demise.

1. “Seppun” (“kiss”) is written, but Zin sings “kuchizuke” (“kiss”).


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