07 April, 2014


A translation of Jupiter’s “ALLEGORY CAVE” from their first album “Classical Element”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without my permission. All rights belong to Jupiter and their label Universal Music Japan.





Classical Element





There's only one world. Everyone is a comrade.
But the world can never be as one.


The government and the era will keep changing.
The war will not go away. Nothing is absolute.


Heaven. Decide. 誰を信じ疑うのか
Hell. Rage 陰に消える思想の中で
Heaven. Decide. Dare wo shinjiutagau no ka
Hell. Rage Kage ni kieru shisou no naka de
Heaven. Decide. Who should I believe, and who should I suspect,
Hell. Rage In the thoughts disappearing into shadow?


Justice can not win. Authority is everything.
There is no way out in the darkness.


Nobody wishes for an ugly war.
Fear. Shout. Grief. Hatred. Gun. Death. God. In chaos.


Alive. Face. 悪意 私欲 操られて
Dead. Core 紅く染まる 無情の空
Alive. Face. Akui Shiyoku Atsurarete
Dead. Core Akaku somaru Mujou no sora
Alive. Face. Malice and self-interest are manipulated,
Dead. Core Dyed red in the cruel sky


争い合い犠牲で時代を変え 蔓延る嘆きが
二度と繰り返す事の無い様に 祈り届け
Arasoiai gisei de jidai wo kae Habikoru nageki ga
Nidoto to kurikaesu koto no nai you ni Inoritodoke
Change the era with the quarreling sacrifices. So that the rampant lamentations
Won't repeat again, continue to pray.


Curse. Mortal. 闇と悲劇 消し去る為
Against. Force. 深く刻み 鳴り響いた
Curse. Mortal. Yami to higeki Keshisaru tame
Against. Force. Fukaku kizami Narihibiita
Curse. Mortal. To erase darkness and tragedy,
Against. Force It reverberates, carving so deep.


生まれ変わる世界に永遠のイデア 救われし魂
全ての人類が望む時代へ さぁ導け
Umarekawaru sekai ni towa no idea Sukuwareshi kokoro1
Subete no jinrui ga nozomu jidai he Saa michibike
The idea of eternity and the saved hearts will now, in this reborn world,
Lead on to the era that all mankind wishes for.

1. “Tamashii” (“soul”) is written, but Zin sings “kokoro” (“heart”).


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