31 January, 2011

瑠璃色で描く虹 Translation

A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “瑠璃色で描く虹 (Ruriiro de Egaku Niji)” from the single of the same name. it was later included on the EP “Gilia” and on the album “ANOMIE”. The idea is that once-happy times are now painted over in a dreary, rain-coloured blue as the speaker looks back on happier times and hopes for the sadness to be over.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label Sherow Artist Society.





Ruriiro de Egaku Niji




悲鳴はまだ近く 僕の周りを漂い
切り裂いて 離れない
Himei ha mada chikaku Boku no mawari wo tadayoi
Kirisaite Hanarenai
Your screams are still so close, drifting around me.
It tears me to pieces, not letting me go,


Owaranai negai wo
This neverending wish.


気付いたとき 泣いていた
Kono te ni nokoru anata no nukumori ha usureteitta
Kizutsuita toki Naiteita
Your warmth, which lingers in my hand, has faded away.
When I realized it, I began to cry.


Ima sugu ni kietai
I want to disappear soon...

這い上がる度 臆病になっていた
もう 前を向けない
Ochiteukabi iki1 wo kurikaesu
Haiagaru tabi Kubyou ni natteita
Mou Mae wo mukenai
The fading breaths that rise up repeat over and over.
I crawl on, so weak and timid,
But I can't face forward anymore.


痛みを抱えて 見上げる勇気を失くして
応えてほしいよ あなたに 変わらない声で
Itami wo kakaete Miageru yuuki wo nakushite
Dakishimetekureru te wo sagashita
Kotaete hoshii yo Anata ni Kawaranai koe de
Kioku to ha chigau kotoba wo
Embracing this pain, I've lost the courage to look up.
I search for hands that will hold me so tightly.
I want you to answer with a voice that will never change,
With words different from what I remember.


あの時 離してしまった手を伸ばした
Hikari no yukute wo mitsumeru yuuki wo nakushite
Ano toki2 Hanashiteshimatta te wo nobashita
Anata to egaita jikan wo tashikameru you ni
Tatoe kono te ga todoku koto ha nakute mo
I've lost the courage to watch the path that would take me into the light.
I reached out the hand that you let go at that time,
As if to paint out the time I had with you to make sure it was real,
Though this hand cannot reach you, ever.


一人 同じ絵を描くよ
Kono mama ashita wo machitsuzukete
Hitori Onaji e wo egaku yo
Like this, I will continue to wait for the morning
Alone, painting out that same picture.

1. “Kokyuu” (“breath”) is written, but sono sings “iki” (“breath”)
2. “Ano toki” is included in the lyrics, but sono does not sing it in the song.


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