12 December, 2010

Worthless War Translation

A translation of the GazettE's "Worthless War" from their single "REGRET".  This song is a cry out against the wars fought in these days which are mostly lost causes. I feel Japan has a right to complain, since they aren't allowed to shoot even if they are shot at, and Ruki does a very eloquent but blunt job of stating his feelings in this song.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.








Worthless War
I know last days


By bomb of autocracy
The smile of people dies
By Dirty hand of autocracy
The black sphere is turning


己にかかる血 己で拭えず
A sacrifice is countless
A sacrifice is countless
Yarareru mae ni uchinuku no ka
Sore wo yatsu ha seigi to yobu no ka
Onore ni kakaru chi Onore de nuguezu
A sacrifice is countless
Nageku mono ni sukui no tedasazu
Kabogo ni nemuri gizen to koubi
Yatsu ha oroka na heiwa no shouchou
Will you shoot out before you're even able?
You call that sort of thing righteous?
The blood you spill like that can't clean your name.
A sacrifice is countless.
You don't help those that wail with grief,
But give excessive care to sleeping in hypocrisy and copulation.
Someone like that is a poor symbol of peace.
A sacrifice is countless.


結ぶ手と手 常に交渉
破り捨てた[A]nti-[B]allistic[M]issile [T]rety
二度と御免だNine eleven
Komaku ni nokoru bakugekioto ga
Nemurenu yoru wo kyoufushin ni kaeta
Musubu te to te Tsune ni ikoushou
Shaku ni sawareba tsukkomu ze Taepodong
Yaburi suteta ABMT
Nido to gomen da Nine eleven
But naku no ha shimin dake sa
Oubou na shudan ga maneku ha zetsubou
The sounds of bombing raids that remain in my eardrum
Change the night in which I can't sleep into terror.
Bound hand and hand, you're always just negotiating.
Taepodong will be thrust into us if we so much as step out of line,
Since they've escaped from the [A]nti-[B]allistic [M]issile [T]reaty.
I'll apologize again for Nine eleven,
But the only ones who will cry will be the citizens.
Violent means invite despair


退廃した地 焼け焦げた影
降り注ぐ灰 奪われた明日に
Taihai shita chi Yakekogeta kage
Gisei no sakebi ha yamanu
Furisosogu hai Ubawareta myounichi ni
Namida sae nagasanu kuse ni
Corrupted earth, scorched shadows.
The cries of the victims won't cease.
Ash pours down incessantly in the days stolen from us
Even though our tears can't fall.


Worthless war continues...
KBK sleep on a bed...
Worthless war continues...
commit suicide and compensate people.


退廃した地 未だ残る
Taihai shita chi mada nokoru
Egureta kizu ha muimi de
Kuroi ame ni nureta kioku ga
Atainaki arasoi wo umu dake
Still left behind is the corrupted earth.
These wounds have no more meaning.
The memories drenched in the black rain
Birth nothing but worthless battles.


Worthless war continues...
KBK sleep on a bed...
Worthless war continues...
commit suicide and compensate people.


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