03 December, 2010

Filth in the beauty Translation

A translation of the GazettE's "Filth in the beauty" from the single of the same name. This is the second song regarding incest, from an opposite angle of the earlier song "Sugar Pain". This one concerns father-daughter incest, and following Ruki's penchant for using real-life cases, is likely based on the Aizawa Chiyo case.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.








The reverse side of beauty
It dyed by beloved filth.


幻惑の海 沈んだ蛍
My mind which falls
Genwaku no umi shizunda hotaru
Hitei ha yokkyuu ue no uso
Mujun de somaru taion
Risei wo yaburu aibu ni
Odoritokekomu haru ha fui ni
My mind which falls
A firefly sank into a sea of glamour.
You deny it, saying that you're above such desires,
But body temperature dyes you with contradiction.
Reason is torn to pieces with a caress.
Dancing, the melting spring suddenly
Is defiled....
My mind which falls


Your seed and my seed never mixes.
The connection of this blood is eternal.
You cannot finish suppressing the desire.
To true daughter... [Sexual disgrace]


吐息塞ぐ脈打つ 「飢え」 は
Toiki fusagu myakuutsu "ue" ha
Wakariaenu guren wo motomu
"Hunger", pulsing through my veins to stop my sighs,
Seeks for a crimson lotus that cannot be understood.


Closet mind is distorted instability.
please release me before breaking.
How long...
In humiliation
The countless fatal scar was born.


[Sexual disgrace]


Prohibited bud...
Reckless driving cucumber...
The kin' collapses...
Near relatives on death...
The smell of a cigarette smell breath & shit
Moment that bitter white jam is mixed
Inside of a brain caused an error
and goes mad by the sweet bug


望む表情 紅蓮に染まれ
Kubi wo hawasu shitasaki to te
Nozomu hyoujou guren ni somare
Your hands and tongue crawl across my neck.
I'll dye your desiring expression to crimson.


Closet mind is distorted instability.
please release me before breaking.
So long...
In humiliation
The final art is your dead face


Dad which fell to the trap


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