16 February, 2010

Sound in Gate Transcription

This song, the “last” song on Versailles’ “JUBILEE”, is all in English, but has no lyrics in the lyric booklet. So, I just transcribed.


Sound in Gate is probably my second favourite song on the album. The music is amazing. That’s probably just me being an ex-orchestra member, but YUKI’s solo is also spot-on.


Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Versailles and its label Sherow Artist Society.







When the church bell rang,
You should have come back to your senses.
The thing you saw between the sword pointing east
And the sword pointing west
Was his memory.


When the sun rises above your head,
And the shade fades away,
The key of the heart will appear
And the thirteenth gate will be opened.


Don't be afraid of the night.
Darkness is not born out of darkness.


To those who are used to having their hearts pierced...:


You realized the true feeling of "solitude",
A stream from the heart,
A purification
A notification
Of a new consciousness.


The glass heart,
And the glass fate...
The thirteenth gate exists in the past.


God Palace.


Anonymous said...

Ah I love this song.
It was so wonderful and soultaking on the concert while this one was played.

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