27 February, 2010

crystal scherzo - Announcement #3

Well, some things in the group are getting rearranged.

Due to other groups picking up and publishing Monochrome Factor in rapid attack system (lol), The Monochrome Factor Project is withdrawing its involvement in publishing to sites. crystal scherzo is absorbing The Monochrome Factor Project and will be putting out the scanslated chapters on this site, available to those interested in our scanslations.

Also, soothsayer is joining crystal scherzo to work on Monochrome Factor and Number with me, and hyrrence will be a guest member as well. Therefore, crystal scherzo is no longer a solo project, but an actual scanslation group. I, yusahana6323, will be doing Japanese translation, sourcing, and some image editing. hyrrence will do Chinese translation. soothsayer will be Chinese translation and head image editor. Please welcome them warmly. :)

For now, I will continue my song translation project solo.

We look forward to finishing more chapters soon.


A. Evadne said...

It´s great to know it! Thanks and good job everyone!

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