21 February, 2010

PRINCE Translation

PRINCE is the first song on Versailles’ second single, “PRINCE & PRINCESS”, and was featured as a bonus track on the American release of NOBLE. PRINCE is my favourite track on the CD, and has managed to stay in my top five songs from Versailles despite the advent of “JUBILEE”. To me, there’s something very calming about the song and the music.


KAMIJO, in an interview, stated that the basis of PRINCE is, “Let’s journey to a land beyond our dreams. If you hesitate to go there with me, I’ll drag you along.” There is that sort of forcefulness about it, but there is also a gentle touch of love, so that the force isn’t necessary. Perhaps that’s why I like it so – it has that feeling of protection and gentleness and love.




Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Versailles and its label Sherow Artist Society.







さぁ怖いのなら腕を貸して 連れ去れてあげる
Saa, kowai no nara ude wo kashite Tsuresareteageru
"Nanika ni kizutsuki nandomo naita anata" wo omou tabi
So, if you're afraid, I'll give you my arm and take you away.
I remember you, who "often you cried when something hurt you".



Komiageru itoshisa ga kokoro wo oshitsubushiteyuku
Yoru ga akeru mae ni
Kono mama
Overwhelming feelings of love will crush my heart.
So, before the dawn breaks,
Just like this,



あなたを奪い去って もう何処へも逃がさない
今あなたを抱き上げて 空へ連れ去リたいこの未来へ
Anata wo ubaisatte Mou dok he mo nigasanai
Ima anata wo dakiagete Sore he tsuresaritai kono mirai he
I will carry you away, and I won't let you escape anywhere else again.
Now, I'll take you in my arms, and I want to whisk you away to the sky,
to this future.



Ah... sono yubi ni fure... sono kata wo daki... sotto kuchizuketa
Kowareta kokoro wo tsuyogaru hana wo mamotteagetai
Ah... touching that finger... embracing those shoulders... We quietly kissed.
My broken heart wants to protect the flowers that pretend to be strong.



Komiageru itoshisa ga kokoro ni tokete
Overwhelming feelings of love will thaw my heart.


Mamorareru shiawase wo shittehoshii
Kitto dare mo reigainaku mamorareteru
Sore ni kizuki hito wo aiseru you ni naru hazu dakara
I want you to understand I can protect your happiness.
Surely, no one else will be able to protect you,
For those who realize it should be able to love.



あなたを奪い去って もう誰にも渡さない
今あなたを抱き寄せて 空へ連れ去リたいこの未来へ
Anata wo ubaisatte Mou dare ni mo watasanai
Ima anata wo dakiyosete Sore he tsuresaretai kono mirai he
I will carry you away, and I won't give you to anyone else.
Now, I embrace you, and I want to whisk you away to the sky, to this future.



Ryoute de habataku koto ha dekinai kedo
Anata wo dakishimete mama de sore he tobitateru nara
Though I can't flap both my wings,
When I hold you, I can leap to the sky.*


心を奪い去って もうあなたを離さない
今全てを抱き締めて 奪い連れ去りたいこの未来へ
Kokoro wo ubaisatte Mou anata wo hanasanai
Ima subete wo dakishimete Ubaitsuresaritai kono mirai he
I'll whisk away your heart. I will never be parted from you again.
Now, I'll hold it all close. I want to drag you away to this future.











*Looking at the Japanese, the literal feeling of these lines is, “I can’t fly with both my wings, but when I hold you with one, I can fly with the other.” In the same interview mentioned above, KAMIJO stressed that this was probably the section that contains the pure message of the song.


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