07 June, 2023

crystal scherzo Announcement #16.1

 Hello all,

Thank you for the support on my announcement.

It appears that a music association is claiming rights to the actual kanji lyrics used in a good amount of my posts and says that reproducing these lyrics is unlawful.

I'm debating what to do from here on out. I'll keep you guys updated.

Update 23/6/7:

Hi all!

I have decided to try removing the kanji lyrics from all claimed posts to see if that fixes the problem. When I start posting translations again (hopefully soon!), I've decided to tentatively just try posting one song translation at a time, paying special attention to the artists that were claimed, and monitor what happens. 

If things get immediately claimed, then I'll have to look at either changing hosts to see if that solves the problem (since I would no longer be on Google's platform, which might solve the problem of getting noticed "commercially"), or just eliminating posting kanji lyrics altogether.

We'll take things one step at a time.

In the meantime I'm working on some things behind the scenes and getting organised to start translating again. I know I'm not steady and reliable, but I still appreciate every single one of you that has stuck with me or that comes to visit. You all make my day.

♡ Hana


Anonymous said...

they're stupid to bitch about sharing lyrics.
when i buy digital mp3, they don't include lyrics. official sites don't provide lyrics. 3rd party sites are usually the only way.

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