04 February, 2018

PANDORA Translation


産み落とされた それは突然 現実という意味を持たせられ
僕らは命を知り 与え続けることも 奪い続けることもできる腕をもった
Umiotosareta Sore ha totsuzen Genjitsu to iu imi wo motaserare
Bokura ha inochi wo shiri Ataetsuzukeru koto mo Ubaitsuzukeru koto mo dekiru ude wo motta
Suddenly I was brought into the world, holding the meaning called "reality".
We understand life, thus we have arms that can continue to give or even to steal.

落ちては乾き 発すれば消え 無限に居座る恐怖を逃れ
どれだけの価値がある? 値踏みしたまま止まる 僕らは今も変わらぬものを見る
Ochite ha kawaki Hasureba kie Mugen ni isuwaru kyoufu wo nogare
Dore dake no kachi ga aru? Nebumi shita mama tomaru Bokura ha ima mo kawaranu
mono wo miru
The end is fading, disappearing once it's given forth, and the terror that remains in the infinite escapes.
How much value is there? Stopping our evaluation, we can see even now the things that won't change.

産み落とされた命は 今も生きている
声を姿を記憶を 繋ぎ生きている
産み落とされた命は 今も
Umiotosareta inochi ha Ima mo ikiteiru
Koe wo sugata wo kioku wo Tsunagiikiteiru
Umiotosareta inochi ha Ima mo
The life that was born is living even now.
The voice, the shape, the memories, are living entwined.
And even now, the life that was born is...

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