04 February, 2018

GUILTY AS SIN Translation

The spirit within me
guilty as sin

Trapped inside this tiny birdcage, denied every thought
Punishments robbing my passion, I'm just a shell

Giving up I'm lost in my despair
I keep questioning my very being

Chains of lies and more betrayal, destroys emotions
In a world run by the devil, I can't believe 

I don't know why, I was given breath
Yet I still must go find the answer 
No matter what

誰もが必ず死にゆく運命 No desire
犯した罪さえ繰り返すならば Be judged-Guilty as Sin
Nightmares won't let go of me
Dare mo ga kanarazu shi ni yuku sadame No desire
Dare mo ga ikiru imi wakarazu ni
Okoshita tsumi sae kurikaesu naraba Be judged-Guilty as Sin
Yuuhei no shiro he torikomeru
Nightmares won't let go of me
Without fail, everyone is fated to die. No desire
Without anyone knowing the meaning of living,
If even the sins I've committed will repeat over and over, Be judged-Guilty as Sin
I'll be shut in the castle of incarceration.
Nightmares won't let go of me

I don't know why I was given breath
Yet I still must go find the answer
No matter what

Break down the wall

誰もが見えない孤独に怯え Live, be proud
苦しみ悲しみ絶望の空を Have faith - Do not fear
Welcome whatever may come
Dare mo ga mienai kodoku ni obie Live, be proud
Dare mo ga kienai kizu wo seou
Kurushimi kanashimi zetsubou no sora wo Have faith - Do not fear
Kowashite ima koso tachiagare
Welcome whatever may come
Everyone fears the loneliness they cannot see. Live, be proud
Everyone is burdened with wounds that won't fade.
Breaking through the sky of suffering, sad despair, Have faith - Do not fear
Now I'll stand.
Welcome whatever may come.

Live the pain, and keep the struggle alive

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to Jupiter and their label Universal Music Japan.


Anonymous said...

glad to see u back.
not a fan of jupiter though, would be great if Melodic Thorn & Kamijo solo can be updated.

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