26 April, 2011

[DIS] Translation

A translation of the GazettE’s “[DIS]” from their EP “Hankou Seimeibun”. This song sets the stage for the crime-based lyrics of the rest of the EP. “Dis” is a root that can be a noun inof itself, meaning “criticism” (what I think the meaning is meant to be), and is also a Latin root meaning “away, asunder” (also fitting). Dis is also a name for the underworld.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.





Hankou Seimeibun




「宣戦」暗い世に打ち込んだ PEACE MARKは偽りか?
現代社会は腐った    何て言うガキがいる時代
日本を変えるそう言った    政治は犯罪者罪を罰する県警は
「暴動」2003年収穫    拉致から核戦へ変化
ボケ共を見て育った    ガキが起こした殺人事件
世の中狂って来たぞ    世界が終わっちゃまうかもだぞ?
今こそ立ち上がれ    戦う奴は手を上げろ!
「Sensen」Kurai se ni buchikonda PEACE MARK ha itsuwari ka?
Gendai shakai ha kusatta Nani te iu gaki ga iru jidai
Nihon ha kaerusou itta Seiji ha hanzaisha tsumi wo bassuru kenkei ha
Tsumi wo okashi tsune ni fukaku shazai nanika okashiku nee kai?
「Boudou」2003nen shuukaku Rachi kara kakusen he henka
Boke tomo wo mitesodatta Gaki ga okoshita satsujin jiken
Se no naka kuruttekita zo Sekai ga owacchamau kamo da zo?
Ima koso tachiagare Tatakau yatsu ha te wo agero!
「Declaration of War」 Is that PEACE MARK you drove into the dark world
a lie?
Modern society has rotted. It's an age of people who say anything they like.
We'll change Japan, says the government and the police that penalize criminals.
When these crimes happen, they apologise; doesn’t anyone else find that strange?
「Riot」 The 2003 gathering will transform from abduction to war.
All the idiots were raised watching others like them cause murder cases.
The world has gone mad. I wonder if this is the apocalypse?
Stand up now! Those of you that will fight, raise your hands!


「Heisei」 jidai jitai kaero「Hanran」
Change the state of the 「Heisei」Era! 「Revolt」


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