17 March, 2011

Glowing Butterfly Translation

A translation of Versailles’ “Glowing Butterfly” from their single “DESTINY -The Lovers-“. This is my favourite track from the single. I’m in love with the warm bass and the drums~

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Versailles and their label, Sherow Artist Society/Warner Music Japan.





DESTINY -The Lovers-



Akaku moeru kage
Nagaretekuru...Ishiki ga senmei ni
Kizu ga itamu hodo myakuutsu no ha gishiki no akashi
Ah... Kagami ni utsuru tsurushi hito
Kohitsujitachi ga warau machi no naka
Image glowing red,
It flows on... clear to my senses.
This evidence of the ceremony makes my heart pound so much
my wounds ache.
Ah... reflected in the mirror is one undistinguished,
In a city where lambs smile.


覚醒したのか? 古の神々が笑う
Kakusei shita no ka? Inishie no kamigami ga warau
Zenchou ni furue karada1 wo nugisutete chou ni nareba ii
Did I awaken? The second-hand gods are laughing.
I'll cast off my body, trembling from the omens, and become a butterfly.


Butterfly... negawakuba hane wo tsuyoki kokoro2 wo
Yuramekiyuraru mono ha
Mabushii anata3
Koyoi sekai ga kawaru
Butterfly... I pray for wings, and for strong spirit.
The one who shakes and shakes is
You, my dazzling goddess.
Tonight, we'll change the world.


古き教えのように    女神は微笑んだ
Ah... Toki4 wo tomete habataita yume no kakera
Ima, deaeta koto sae kiseki de
Sekaijuu no sora wo kakemeguri mata megutte
Furuki oshie no you ni Megami ha hohoenda
Ah... I'll stop time with the fragments of my dream wings
Now, even the traces of the fact that we met by chance
Will soar through this world's sky, soaring on and on.
Like in the stories of old, my goddess smiled.


Ah...夜明けの空    羽ばたいた夢の彼方
あの日重ねた影    残された虹見つめて
欠片を風に乗せて    未来に運べば
Ah... Yoake no sora Habataita yume no kanata
Mada kurushii kimochi ha kienai keredo
Ano hi kasaneta kage Nokosareta niji mitsumete
Kakera wo kaze ni nosete Mirai ni hakobeba
Ah... the sky of dawn is the other side of the dream in which I had flown.
These feelings of suffering still haven't disappeared, but
Looking at the shadow that passed over that day, a rainbow was left behind.
These broken pieces ride the wind, and if they reach the future....


Feel one's way    確信と真実と
Glowing belief    夢をあなたへと
Feel one's way Kakushin to shinjitsu5 to
Glowing belief Yume wo anata he to
Ah... Mabushii hodo ni
Taiyou ga terasu kono sekai no hate he
Feel one's way. My convictions, and my truth,
Glowing belief. And my dreams are for you.
Ah... It's so dazzling,
Because the sun shines to the end of this world.


1. “Nikutai” (“body”) is written, but Kamijo sings “karada” (“body”).
2. “Seishin” (“spirit”) is written, but Kamijo sings “kokoro” (“heart, spirit”).
3. “Megami” (“goddess”) is written, but Kamijo sings “anata” (“you”). I incorporated both for the translation of the line.
4. “Jidai” (“era”) is written, but Kamijo sings “toki” (“time”).
5. “Genjitsu” (“reality”) is written, but Kamijo sings “shinjitsu” (“truth”).


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