07 November, 2010

DIM SCENE Translation

A translation of the GazettE's "DIM SCENE" from their studio album "DIM". Uruha has called this song "the end credits to the story of DIM" and it is the piece that all members of the band are most impressed with. Ruki has woven the stories of almost all the other songs on the album into the lyrics of this one to paint a complete scene of the dim world the album is meant to portray. Let's see if you can figure out which lines refer to which songs~

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.







隣で眠る断絶は愚行 そう 崩れてく情景の意味を朽ちてく意味を
群がる鴉の元へ 鳴き止む迄 零に逃避する数は追う
Azawaraisugita sei de sono kikyou ya kachi ha nukeochi
Tonari de nemuru danzetsu ha gukou Sou Kuzureteku joukei no imi wo kuchiteku
imi wo
Muragaru karasu no moto he Nakiyamu made Rei ni touhi suru kazu ha ou
Ibitsu ni magaru arubeki sugata ha nuiawaseru hodo fukaku tokeru
Because you've sneer at me so, I've shed what I dreamed for and valued.
The meaning of the crumbling scene, and of the rotting, are the follies
which cease to sleep by me.
People chase the Cries of the swarming crows to their origin As they escape
into nothingness.
The crooked figure is so torn apart it has to be sewn back together.


瞳孔に浮かべる現実は殼 麻痺した感情の所為か
Doukou ni ukaberu genjitsu ha kara Mahishita kokoro no sei ka
The truth expressed in my eyes is just a shell. It may be due to my paralyzed


空が跡切れ光が地に墜ちる 嘆く声をあやす赤子の夢
塗り潰し過ぎて爛れてく嘘 蝶の羽で落下する蛾
苦悩の裏で溺れている愛 亡骸に手を伸ばす傍観者
Sora ga togire hikari ga chi ni ochiru Nageku koe wo ayasu akago no yume
Nuritsubushisugite tadareteku uso Chou no ha de chikka suru ga
Kunou no ura de oboreteiru ai Nakigara ni te wo nobasu boukensha
Haitsukubaru asu wo warau rouba
Dou ka ore no mama de
The light that rends the sky falls to earth. Lamenting voice is the dream
of dandled infants.
Lies are so exposed they fester. Butterflies cast off their wings and become
Love drowns in the depths of distress. Onlookers reach out to corpses.
Tomorrow that persistently creeps near laughs at an old woman.
Please, let me be myself...


Atari wo umetsukusu atenaki itami
Me wo toji tomosu uta ni kizu nado iyasenu
This worthless pain fills me with exhaustion.
I close my eyes, but the wounds illuminated by this song won't heal.


壁一面に咲き出した終焉 誰もが忘却を願う度
Kabe ichimen ni sakidashita owari1 Daremo ga boukyaku wo nagau tabi
Soushitsu ni yakareta ore no uta ha honokurai kyomu no soko de oboreteru
Everyone wishes over and over to forget The demise that bloomed on one side
of the wall.
My burned song, buried in fault, is drowning in the depths of gloomy nihility.


La la la
La la la







1. The kanji written are pronounced "shuuen" (end), but Ruki sings "owari" (end).


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